some fish & a race.

More Alaska coming soon! But first, a little weekend update.

Saturday we spent the day at the farm.. it was the 2nd annual family fish fry! I don't actually know if it's only going to happen once a year.. for all I know, we'll do it again sometime this fall. But we did it last year, and we did it this weekend, so I am dubbing it The 2nd Annual Family Fish Fry. Speaking of fall... I can't believe it is already that time of the year! Is it just me or is 2011 flying by?!

so yes, fishing. Saturday was spent fishing and hanging out with the fam.

Can you believe how much bigger Avery is compared to last year's fish fry??
She walks around and everything.

She's so cute, and she loves Gage and Morgan so much... it's adorable! She tries to talk to Gage... love it. I love having nieces and nephews....even though they are technically Josh's. But whatever, I love them. My brothers really need to get on that!

Kosmo even went swimming!! It was so good to see him back to normal!!!

The night was cut a little short after I was holding Avery and she somehow opened up a bottle of Sprite (with a twisty cap!) and spilled it all over us... it was a little too chilly to be walking around with wet pants on... :-/

Sunday morning I got up bright and early (actually, it was still dark) to run the Downtown Doubler with our neighbor Nikki.

I ran it last year. I had been wanting to run it this year as well, but I did not feel prepared. Considering I hadn't run more than 5 miles at a time since February, 9.3 sure seems like a looong way to go. But since Nikki signed up I decided to go for it... she's a new runner and had only ever run 6 miles before, so I figured we were in about the same boat and I could just stick with her.

I decided I'd break it up into three 5K's.. which is what I did last year because for whatever reason, last year it was a very mentally challenging race for me. I went into it fully expecting to walk a lot and for it to be a huge mental battle like it was last year.

Much to my surprise -- it wasn't! I felt really good mentally and I actually ran the whole thing, only stopping once for about 30 seconds to stretch.running
The first 5K was pretty boring and slow..I was still warming up. I ended up losing Nikki about half mile in, so I didn't actually run with her, but it was still motivating to know she was behind me.. gave me a boost to keep going.

The 2nd 5K was my best because around mile 5, all my faster friends had already turned around so I got to see them on their way back... for some reason running past everybody else always gives me a big energy boost.
heather and sheriSuper fast runner friends... Sheri (green) who is waaaayy super faster than I'll ever be, and Heather (pink) who is still waay faster than me, but actually runs at an attainable pace for me if I train for it. Maybe next year I can run with her!
mike and robAlso ran into my twitter friends Mike and Rob before the race! good to see them!!
The last 5K was more of a challenge because I was starting to get sore. But other than my hips and my IT band, I definitely felt like I could keep going which was a good feeling!

Oh, also? Saw a ROOSTER on the course. It was just chillin' there. I noticed it from far away and I was like What the heck is that? in my head... and then I got closer and I was like Is that a rooster??? Am I hallucinating??? have I been running for too long??!?! But no, sure enough it was a rooster... Nikki saw it too. I told B about it when I passed him but I think he thought I was crazy. I wish I had run with my phone so I could have taken a picture!

So anyway--- I am pretty happy with how I did at the race! I didn't break any speed records or anything, that's for sure, but I came in right around the same time I did last year which, given the circumstances, I'll take! And mentally it was actually a LOT better than last year. I guess it's good to know that I can randomly run 9.3 miles without really training for it... I'm definitely feeling it today though! I'm afraid I might have aggravated my IT band again, so I'll be heading to the doctor this week! After yesterday I definitely want to try for a half marathon this fall!!! But I'd like to actually train for it and try to get faster and make it less painful ;)

We did it!!

And that was my weekend.

Hope your's was fabulous.


Happy Monday!