Happenings from lately.

So, this past weekend we took our annual trip to Huber's to pick out some pumpkins. As usual, we had a smashing (pumpkins) good time. just kidding, we didn't smash any pumpkins. We went with Heather and Ryan and Brittany and Chris. We all picked out the perfect pumpkin and then enjoyed a nice lunch in their big lawn with some live music and a couple pitchers of Sangria :)

wagon ride
I kind of wanted a giant white one but that greatly limited my selection and all the white ones seemed to be lop-sided so we settled for a cute little orange one.

It was super windy (as evidenced above) and a little chillier than I expected, but at least it wasn't 80 degrees like it was last year..

After lunch (which took a ridonkulously long time to get), we ended the afternoon with some pumpkin ice cream. It was HEAVEN!


So anywho.
Besides some fun fall activities like pumpkin picking and drinking apple cider, I've mostly just been doing lots and lots of school work!! But we're already HALF way through the semester... crazy. I can't believe it's October 18th. Seriously, where does the time go?!?!!

Oh yeah!
I said I have been working on a new project.... and that project is...

I have been trying to devote more time to my little photography "endeavor" and just see where it takes me! I truly love doing it and I'm at a place right now where I have a little more time to do so, so we'll see! Who knows if I will ever be able to do it full time, right now I'm just enjoying learning & growing as a photographer and blessing others by preserving little moments in their lives! I made that logo all by myself and I have to say I am pretty proud of it! :D I'm working on the website still, but feel free to "LIKE" us on Facebook to follow along with the latest shoots, news, and specials! If you're local and you LIKE us in October, you'll get 10% off your first session fee as long as it's completed in 2011. If you're not local, feel free to join as well-- I'd love the support! :D

I did an engagement shoot with my brother and his fiance on Friday. Did I mention my brother got engaged?? Well, he did! and I'm so super excited for him!!! Jenn is awesome and I can't wait til she's my sis-in-law!!!! Here are a few of my favorites from our shoot!

okay, so I had a lot of favorites. I can't help it if my Adam and Jenn are gorgeous (I mean, duh Adam is related to me after all...;)) and should be models. You can check the rest of them out on the Facebook page!

I have a few more shoots coming up in the next few weeks and hopefully the website will be up soon! :)

So that's that.

Other than all that....


oh! I signed up for a half marathon on October 29th. or 30th. can't remember. And yes, perhaps I am crazy but I had a free entry and it sounded fun so I figured why not?? But it's supposed to rain/snow and be cold, and if so I'm not going to do it. just saying. Mostly because I ran 8 miles Sunday...was goin' for 10... and was dying after 6. If Josh wasn't running too I would have called him to come get me. It was sad :( So I'm going back to the Dr next week to see if he can fix me AGAIN and hopefully I can push through.... I'm going to yoga today (for the first time in forever!) and plan to start going at least once a week (the gym only offers it twice/wk) and I think that will really help!!! hope so at least! Wish me luck.

I think that's about everything!

HaPpY TuEsDaY!