here's to the freakin' weekend.

sorry, i have that song stuck in my head.

whattup homies?

hope you all had a fabulous weekend because i sure did. it was nothing crazy, just a nice time at home with my little family. it was kind of the perfect stay-at-home fall weekend. we enjoyed... a little exercising (josh ran 18 miles, i did....not run at all ((perfect, you know, since i -- maybe -- have a half marathon next weekend and all)), spin & weights class for me, thanks), lots of time in sweats, saturday afternoon naps, a date night, hot chocolate, etc... wins all around. we also tossed around the idea of painting the living room/kitchen (!!!) it makes me super excited to think about it. but i will share more about that if/when it happens.

so anyway. the weekend. it consisted of...

apple eating.
which, as you know, is a big event around here nowadays to the boston terriers.
appledon't go hatin' on my baby girl thinking she's the only apple-begger... take a look at the bigger picture.
oh yeah, there's two of 'em. vultures.

hot chocolate.

peanut butter & marshmallow style.

stinky dogs got a bath.

and they are already stinky again. amazing how fast that happens.

tv show marathons in pajamas with popcorn.
IMG_2602where is lola's other eye?

does anybody else watch that show? josh started watching season 1 last week... i made fun of him because i am totally anti-zombie or vampire anything. but i couldn't escape it and now we're on season 2 and i kind of actually like it. weird.

date night.

IMG_2609-2my joshie poo is getting scruffy facial hair and i likes it

pried ourselves away from the zombies long enough to enjoy a nice dinner together at olive garden.

brother time.
my bro was in town for the weekend and stopped by on his way home. of course he could not be in town and not stop by to see his favorite niece and nephew! besides, lola bear is almost a year old (!!!) and she had yet to meet her uncle eric.

location scouting.

fieldi should know by now that any time we leave the house and josh has a camera, that i should look cute. but apparently i have not learned this lesson yet. if i had known i was going to be photographed, i would have tried to look half way decent....or at least put on some make-up :-/

we did some location scouting from some upcoming shoots this weekend which doubled as a little outing for the bostons. we went to a state park that was pretty vacant, which meant that for the most part, the kids got to run leash-free. talk about best day of their lives!

what did you do this weekend? hope it was wonderful! :-D