hodgepodge post of a weekend.

it's 1:15pm and i just woke up and had a huge oreo fudge brownie for lunch. what is wrong with me?

it felt good though.

and to be fair, i didn't go to bed until 2:45am and i actually did wake up at 8:45am.. for an hour. i ate a real breakfast (oatmeal with white chocolate peanut butter---yum you should try that stuff!) and planned on going to spin class. i even got dressed for it. but then i just sat there and realized i was exhausted and could hardly keep my eyes open and lola was laying next to me - snoring - so i decided she had the better idea and went back to bed.

best decision ever.

oh, and the brownies were like, way low-fat (lie) and i'm going to run 5 miles here after bit, so it was okay. recipe coming soon.

have i mentioned that i'm pretty sure i didn't go to the gym at all in the month of september?? if i did it was only like once.. dang traveling and school keeping me busy ;) but i have been running a lot more, so it's all good.... except for the whole wasting 30 bucks on a non-used gym membership thing thing.

so anyways, it was girls weekend.

it started on friday night. it was supposed to be an alaska girls reunion dinner because mj was coming in town (with my best friend kristen.. still trying to convince her to move home!!) for another one of our sorority sister's baby shower. however, they ended up not getting in until after 9, and robin got sick, so heather and i went to dinner ourselves! we watched no strings attached (loved it!) and ate those delicious aforementioned brownies for dessert.

saturday was our friend mel's baby shower. she's having a little girl named emma and she's either 33 or 36 weeks along.... the doctors aren't sure... and i'm not sure how that happens? so i guess she's possibly due like anytime now.

so fun!

then we came back to my house and lounged around in sweats and made sexy faces for the afternoon.

totally normal.

then i tried to take a nap but we ended up going out to dinner for kristen's brother's birthday even though his birthday was back in august. that's how her family rolls. went to a quirky hole in the wall called headbangers. good stuff.

we ended the night by taking our pregnant friend to a drag show. should i mention that she's a pastor's wife? haha oh man, totally random, but seriously not as bad as it sounds. it was hilarious.

all in all, a successful weekend but we did miss robin!!

alright, i am off to run 5 miles. promise i'll share the oreo brownies recipe soon. it's a good one.

p.s. it's OCTOBER now!!! i'm so excited! i think this is my favorite month! it means pumpkin patch visits, hot chocolate, sweaters, boots, scarves, chili, and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies... yay! plus i love decorating the house for fall.. inside and out.. :D

IMG_2312i tried to take a picture of lola with my cute little scarecrows but she kept blinking and moving because she wanted to go play... so this was as good as it got. little stinker :-/

Happy October!! How was your weekend?
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