Why hello there, little blog!

lola sleepsmy girl sleeps with her legs straight up in the air and it makes me giggle. especially when she's totally under the covers and it looks like there's a huge creature just standing in the middle of the bed, under the covers.

I had a good day today... and a good week, really, for that matter. But today was good. I got to see my brothers, my aunt, and my grandma... not often that that happens all in the same day... on a random weekday for that matter. Unfortunately, the circumstances were less than ideal - I traveled up north for my brothers' grandfather's funeral (remember, we're 1/2 sibs so he wasn't my grandpa, but he was always really nice to me and was a stand-in grandpa to me on trips I went on with my bro's side of the fam).

Nothin' like a funeral to make you realize what's really important in life... to put things in perspective, ya know? Which is why I decided to go to the funeral in the first place. My brothers would have totally understood had I not gone, after all it was an hour long drive there and back, he wasn't really my family.... a phone call saying I'm sorry for your loss and I'm praying for you would have been good enough... but how much more does being there mean?

I want to be a more deliberate person, I am trying to be. A more deliberate sister, friend, girlfriend, daughter, niece, grand-daughter. I want to go out of my way to let people know I care, not just assume they know. So whether that means sending out random handwritten notes, a text that says Hey I'm thinking about you, or driving two hours round trip to pay my condolences and be a shoulder for my brothers to cry on, I want to do it. Because you never know when you may no longer have the opportunity and a simple phone call may not seem good enough anymore.

So I had lunch with my aunt Kathy (Dad's sister) afterwards and we decided this needs to happen way more often. North Vernon is not that far away. I love going up to North Vernon because it is such a small town and everyone still remembers my Daddy. I get a lot of This is Ron's daughter when I'm there... which doesn't happen here at home. But since NV is so small and he was well known up there, that's how they know me. And I like it. It makes me feel like he's still acknowledged and not totally forgotten, even nearly 11 years later. And I like that.

On my way outta town I stopped by my grandma's house (mom's mom). I needed to be home by a certain time to make another appointment, but I decided that I was there NOW and who cares if I'm a little late? Family is more important anyway, right? Anyway, she apparently just leaves her front door wide open so I just walked on in and scared the poo out of her. Goodtimes:) She cracks me up and informed me that Santa's supposed to be bringing her a computer for Christmas and then she'll be on Facebook. Sure can't wait for that day. Her statuses are sure to be hilarious.

So anyway. All that to say.... today I am thankful. I am blessed with a great family and I am trying not to take any of them for granted. I know that soon life will get busy again and our planned monthly lunch dates will be hard to keep, phone calls will be cut to texts, and letters will be traded for Facebook wall posts... but I am trying and that's all you can really do :)

We have a fun weekend planned and I can't wait.