Photography & Fall Stuff

Last night Josh and I were hanging out in our little basement studio. He was teaching me how to use the lights for when I take studio portraits.

Oh, he was also eating an apple.

Not relevant, you say? Oh, but it is.

A couple weeks ago, Josh gave Lola and Kosmo a bite of his apple (Kosmo wasn't interested until Lola started going crazy for it --my girl knows a good thing when she sees it -- then he was all about it too) and now they think they're entitled to all the apples in this house. Seriously, take one bite of an apple and this happens:

They are like little vultures. It's pretty hilarious.

Anyways. So I learned all about lighting and f-stops and whatnot last night. Which involves a lot more math (with fractions!) than I thought was involved in photography.

B was such a thrilled willing model for me to practice on.

Luckily, I caught on pretty fast. I think B was even surprised at how not-dumb I was. However, if I don't use it I'll lose it, so book some in-studio shoots so I can retain my newfound knowledge ;)

I took some photos of my friend Shelly's kiddos this morning! We were planning to do it outside, but the weather here currently is YUCKO. Cold, windy, and rainy are not optimal shooting conditions, especially with babies. So inside it was and we still had a good time!

It is actually more difficult than you think to get 4 kiddos to all look at you (or at least in the same direction) AND smile at the SAME TIME. But we got some pretty cute shots! Thanks for bringing the kids over, Shelly!

I took a better picture of my scarecrows the other day. (I was bored)

I just think they're super cute. Josh does too even if he won't admit it ;)

My mum also got me a mom...... wait, that's not right.
Either way, I love it too. It adds a pop of color to the porch. :)

I love fall. :D
It's inside too.
fall decor
Okay, so the picture of us on the beach isn't really fall-like, but I ordered a new picture for that frame and it should be here soon! :)

Well......I hate to cut this short. I know y'all were super interested in all my random fall home decor. But ugh... I gotta get ready for class.

Enjoy your Thursday!