this is what i feel like doing today..

or this.

my kids definitely have the right idea. they are so smart.

i don't know why i am so tired... i went to bed a little earlier than normal last night and got to sleep in a tad. and yet when i woke up i didn't even feel like i had slept at all. what is up with that??

so anyway. B has been all the way over in malaysia for the last week and a half!!! you didn't even notice, did you? i sure did. but i didn't want to tell the internets because you just never know who is reading your blog and whatnot. not to be all paranoid and stuff, but it's true. i watch 20/20 and dateline, i know these things. so yeah. he finally comes home tonight and i can't wait! i miss snuggling and plus being a single doggy-parent is hard work. kudos to all you single human-parents.

anywho, i mentioned that i made those oreo fudge brownies this past weekend for girls weekend and promised the recipe. i made them again last night for josh since he comes home today (!!!!) so here it is! better late than never.

here's what you need:

basically, brownie mix and the stuff that goes in it (eggs, water, vegetable oil) + oreo cookies, cookies 'n cream ice cream, and hot fudge topping.

mix the brownie batter as instructed. then add ice cream (about 1 cup) and some hot fudge (about 1/4 cup) to the mix.

stir to combine.

add about 1/2 of the batter to your baking dish, then add a layer of oreos and then add the rest of the brownie batter.

then bake as directed!

optional: lick the bowl and maybe eat spoonfuls of ice cream and hot fudge too.

easy as pie! or brownies!

i made this with low-fat brownie mix and low-fat oreos for girls weekend but used the full-fat stuff last night for josh's batch. i personally couldn't tell much of a difference, so if you're health-conscious the low-fat stuff is still amazing! not that it's good for you, but maybe a bit better or whatever.

enjoy with a glass of milk and/or ice cream and/or more hot fudge and/or extra oreos.

happy wednesday!!