*knock knock* anyone out there?

oh hey there, little blog... *wipes dust off* sorry to leave you hangin' for... oh a week and a half now. (!!!)

if that wasn't an indication that life has been busy i don't know what is. but it's been good. just super crazy busy. think clinicals, homework, holidays, you know the drill. probably much like your life this time of year.

today... was a good day for:

  • quick trip to the gym this morning for weight training class in an effort to get prepared for tomorrow's feast :D
  • quick stop at old navy to do some christmas shopping (it's on the way home from the gym and i needed a reason to procrastinate on my homework ;))
  • scored this skirt for $1.97

  • IMAG0754
  • it's 2 sizes too big, but if i roll it over once it's fine and you can't even notice. plus it's adorbs.
  • so gym then shopping followed by lounging around at home all day

  • IMAG0752
  • with my 2 favorite boston terriers
  • seriously.. look at them.

  • IMAG0750
  • and a failed attempt to work on homework (can we say end of the semester!! = lack of motivation!!!)

  • IMAG0761
    (lola tried to help momma but i really just wasn't in the mood to watch videos about how the functions of the kidneys are similar to that of coffee pots)
  • i've also been looking for pictures from when we were little to give to my brother (or rather, his fiance) this weekend for their wedding slideshow... and i can't find them!!! so now i'm all sorts of freaking out because the pictures i am looking for are PRICELESS.. they're all my childhood memories with my daddy.. and i have no idea where they are! this is why i hate moving :( hopefully they turn up soon!

  • while i'm procrastinating and uploading cell phone pics, i will share with you some more photos that have piled up on my phone..
  • this is what my hair looked like the other morning when i woke up.. a crazy hot mess! i don't think the picture does it justice really.. it was everywhere!
  • apparently they make wine especially for me.

  • IMAG0743
    found at target :) i was too chicken to buy it though.. i am not a huge fan of wine and i didn't wanna spend money on it in case i didn't like it. maybe santa will bring me some.
  • and while we're procrastinating, i present to you... lola's latest trick!

  • oops, sorry it's sideways but you get the idea. baby girl learned to shake!! her so smart :)
okay, my B just got home and it's time to get our holiday weekend started!!! more substantial updates about life coming soon :)

momma and lola