The Race That Didn't Really Happen

391522_574556873361_210000763_32241230_1168820090_none of these is not like the other.... can you spot it? (hint: look at the medals)

So I almost totally forgot to blog about this race, and it really wouldn't matter if I didn't -- because, well, it sucked.

I'm talking about the Big Hit 1/2 Marathon that took place a couple weeks ago. You may remember me mentioning it? Anyway, the only reason I even tried to run it was because I had a free entry. No way I would have paid money and signed up, because I knew my training had been less than stellar and obviously I'm still injured.

Lucky for me, they also had a 1/4 marathon course (6.5 miles instead of 13.1). Never ran a 1/4 marathon or seen an official race for one, but hey whatever -- it saved me from a DNF (did not finish) that day. The 1/4 split from the 1/2 at mile 4, so my plan of attack was to try to finish the 1/2 unless I was just DYING by mile 4.

As it turns out, I was dying by mile 4. I ran the first 3 miles pretty easily, but started to feel a pain in my leg/knee around mile 3. Somewhere along that mile the pain progressed enough to where I had to stop and walk. At that point I knew I couldn't run another 10 miles so I knew I'd just finish out the 1/4.

By mile 4 all I could do was walk. The pain was excruciating, the worst I've ever felt. My hips, knees, legs.. it all hurt. I'd try to run and I'd want to cry. It was awful. I pretty much walked the last 2.5 miles with tiny spurts of jogging here and there.
I finally crossed the finish line after the worst 6.55 miles I've ever run. The lady handing out medals asked me if I had done the 1/2 marathon (because my bib was a 1/2 marathon bib) and I wanted to be like Really? you think that this girl hobbling across the finish line in obvious pain could really have just run 13.1 miles in a little over an hour? I mean I wish I did but let's be honest, that would mean I was faster than B! That would make me like Ryan Hall fast and look at me.

Speaking of B, he ran the race as a pacer for a finish time of 1:40. He got a cute little sign.

He ran with a little posse and his official finishing time was 1:39:08.. I would say he's a pretty good pacer! I could never be a pacer! My pace is too inconsistent. I start off fast, then get slow, then pick it up again when I feel like it. I could not handle the pressure of having to run even splits. But B is good at it!

So the moral of the story is: I'm not sure. But I'm thankful for the 1/4 marathon course! It saved me from my first DNF... AND at least I still got a medal! :) It was kind of fun finishing early. I'm usually done after Josh and all his crazy fast running friends so I never get to see them finish if we're all running the same race. So this way I got to see them cross the finish line AND I still got to run too.... I'm trying to look at the bright side here.

It really makes me miss the good feeling of running though.. I haven't had that awesome feeling about a run or a race in quite awhile :( Instead it's just painful. My plan at this point I think is to go see my sports doc and start training over completely... like at square one. I really want to do Fast Freddie's again.. which is 5 miles on Thanksgiving. So, we'll see... then I'm taking the winter off and concentrating on yoga, weight training, and spinning. I think that'll help with the injuries... and I'll resume running again in the spring.

But I miss it :(
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