a thankful place.

while i'm tempted to start plucking away a list of what i'm thankful for tonight -- after all, it seems to be the cool thing to do on facebook nowadays, right? thankful for something each day for the month of november -- it doesn't seem enough for this place i'm at tonight. and it seems exactly that--not just an emotion or a state of mind with a cliche title like 'thankful' or 'gratitude' -- it seems an actual place. like a long-term plan not a limited-time-only deal. like a way of life.

the place of gratitude...i try to make a conscious effort to not take anything for granted. to realize that i'm truly blessed all the time, not just when the holidays tell me to. because being grateful, thankful, and content isn't something that should just be practiced one month out of the year, it should be celebrated every day.

IMG_2696my mom wanted to re-create a family photo we had done back in 2003 when she was married to mark, so we had a little fun in the studio last weekend when they came over for kosmo & lola's birthday dinner. well, really it was just family dinner that happened to fall on kosmo's birthday. but... same thing. it was a good excuse for party hats and cupcakes!

breathing it all in tonight.
where i am. because life is good.

celebrating lately....

a week of clinicals in the books

it's hard to not be grateful for so many things after spending a week caring for paralyzed, sick, and/or dying people -- who often times have better attitudes about life than we do. i have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people this past week who, in such a short period of time, have already made a tremendous impact on me. i've met people who were normal just like you and i not even a year ago, and then through whatever extraordinary circumstance, they are now paralyzed and living in a rehabilitation facility... some will fully recover but many will be there for the rest of their life. and yet they are happy. genuinely happy. and if that doesn't make you realize that most of your problems are rather insignificant, i don't know what does. i've learned so much... not just about caring for people from a nursing perspective, but about life and how your attitude about it makes a difference. of course there are some mean, bitter and angry people in there too... but i'm thankful i've had this opportunity, it's taught me a lot.

like that sometimes changing your thought process changes your attitude which in turn can change a situation.

for example, last week when i was super stressed out because my days were filled with clinicals (which, while they were awesome, they left little time for much else), my house resembled a pig sty, my legs were killing from my failed half marathon, and my dogs pooped all over the house because no one came home all day to let them out.... instead of letting it all get to me i thought of it like this --

- days full of clinicals means that i have the opportunity to go to school and learn and make a difference in peoples' lives while taking steps towards advancing my career
- having a messy house means that even though it's messy, at least i even have a house to be messy... not everyone has a roof over their head
- even if my race didn't go as planned, it means that at least i have 2 able legs that still carried me 6.5 miles
- dog poop on the floor means that even if they did poo in the house, at least i have 2 dogs who bring so much more than poo to our family

speaking of family..

i'm in love with my little family :D

Our family is complete again.
i don't think i ever posted this picture. we took it back in august for a thank you card to send to the surgeon and vets who saved kosmo's life. (we didn't want kosmo to feel self-conscious about wearing that cone around this head ;))

pretty sure i'm still thankful every time mr.kosmo gives me a kiss, snuggles up next to my chest, wants to play fetch, or even poops on the floor. he's a special little guy and i don't know what we'd do without him.

in related news, turning 1 hasn't changed the way lola sleeps. it's still with her legs straight up in the air. josh texted me this picture earlier while i was out shopping --


i literally LOL'd in the middle of bed, bath & beyond. she cracks me up. and she's laying next to me right now snoring as i type.

anyway, the point of changing perspective is that sometimes life is kind of like the outtakes from a photo shoot -- you may think it's horrible at the time, but you'll look back later and laugh.

fampromise :)

lola did..


there's beauty everywhere... in every situation.
i'm convinced of it.
sometimes you just may have to look a little harder to find it.

and while thankful lists are just perfectly good and all, i'm tired enough and attempted words would surely cheapen the beauty of this place tonight. but there's just something about this month, and the last few days, that bring about a spirit of thankfulness. and i'm just happy right now and wanted to get it out there.

and last but not least. i know i missed this yesterday - but i'm also thankful to all of our servicemen and women who protect our freedom and our country. especially my grandpas!!! my heroes :) another thing that should not be recognized on only one day of the year.

what are you thankful for today?

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