Turkey time!

So Thanksgiving happened.

But first, I got the best ever Thanksgiving Eve text (at 10PM) --

"Umm.. so my bed was given up for the weekend. I literally just found out. So I'm sorry to ask this last minute, but can I stay at your place?" ~Kristen

Ummm.... DUH. Is asking even needed? (no.) Pretty sure my best friend is welcome at my house anytime. But on the eve of a holiday? Even better! So naturally, this commenced Thanksgiving morning:

It's what we do. We have like 10 year's worth of these kinds of photos.
Then we tried to take an actual cute picture of ourselves (I would have asked B but he was busy running (LITERALLY) to Mandy's house... 13.25 miles away) Anyway, our first 5ish attempts looked like this...
self timer
And no, I wasn't dancing... for some reason I could only remember how to get my camera's self-timer to do a 2 second countdown... which clearly was not long enough. Then a light bulb came on my head and I remembered how to program the 10-second one.

Much better! :)

Then we were off to Mandy's (Josh's sister) house for some grub. Yummy, delicious grub. I beat Josh there (remember he was running) and it made me super nervous (even though the plan was for me to get there before him since I had all his stuff) because he was running down a 2-lane highway and on narrow, hilly back roads.. with no cell phone!! He could have fallen in a ditch somewhere an hour ago and no one would have known! But luckily, he arrived right on time and Thanksgiving proceeded as normal. :)

Of course, it wouldn't be a Thanksgiving (or any family function, for that matter) without the Angry Birds... and now there's an iPad... I think Grampy was heaven playing Angry Birds on the big screen. Luckily Avery wasn't too amused. That's my girl!! They put me to sleep too ;)

angry birds
Perusing the Black Friday ads...
ads(Love Mo-Mo's Christmas dress :))

And my favorite sequence of the day..
Josh and Avery doing the Avery "Oh!" face (previously seen here)
IMG_3277She also twirls her hands while she makes the face (and all the time) so Josh was too...

Ha! Love it! :D

Thankful today for my sweet little family... what's new right?

Even though sometimes the Papa torments the Bear.... :-/

Poor girl!
Love these babies!

Can't wait to see the rest of my family this weekend!!

Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with yummy food and people you love.