Christmas pajamas make everything happier!

...continued from Part 1.

Christmas: The Morning


One of Josh's family's traditions is breakfast together on Christmas morning. Last year I decided it would be super fun if we did this tradition IN PAJAMAS!! I mean that just makes sense right? You eat breakfast in pajamas. And I mean if nothing else, it's more comfy. And I'm all about being comfy.

So this year, I made the executive decision that in order to be allowed in the house you had to have on pajamas. They didn't even have to be Christmasy. I'm not picky. I just wanted to make it a little more fun/silly/happy. Obviously, the men in the family were thrilled ;) Josh doesn't even own sweatpants, let alone pajamas, so I got him some that were kinda Christmasy, but not over-the-top so he could wear them after Christmas too.

Luckily, Josh's family embraced my Christmas craziness this year and went along with it!!! :D I'm not sure if they even realize it, but little things like this -- like wearing pajamas on Christmas morning -- are helping me enjoy Christmas again and I thank them for that!! :)

I love the little butt on Lola's!! I'm thinking I should dress the dogs more often. Josh even admitted that Lola looked adorable in her Christmas jammies (!!!! yes he did !!!!) Kosmo looked cute too, but poor little guy's pajamas kinda swallowed him since he's lost weight from his surgery... I tried to get him a smaller size but he was too long for those. Too long for smalls, too skinny for mediums... poor guy.

kindle loveI think I picked a winner! Josh hasn't put his Kindle Fire down since he opened it... minus the hours he was sleeping.

making breakfast
While breakfast was cooking, Gage and Morgan showed off their letters from Santa Claus!

And breakfast was served!

Waffles (with syrup of course -- like Buddy the Elf!!), eggs, biscuits & gravy, and orange rolls! Been forever since I'd had those!

We spent the morning hanging out, eating delicious food, and watching Elf.

After everyone left we spent the rest of the day in our festive jammies and had a wonderful lazy day at home! I kind of think that's exactly how Christmas should be :)

Lola slept all day. ALL DAY. We tried to go for a family walk around the neighborhood in our pajamas (and deliver a present to our neighbors) but I could not wake her up! I poked her, blew in her face, and literally had to just pick her up and stand her up in order to wake her up. BABY GIRL WAS TIRED. Christmas wears her out apparently! When we finally did make it outside, she would take 2 steps then just sit there. BABY GIRL WAS LAZY. So our walk never really happened and our neighbors weren't home, but we did get a bit of fresh air.


Hope your Christmas was everything you hoped it would be!!