Last night.

While we were wrapping a few presents, this happened:

So naturally, afterwards Lola was totally freaked out and glued to my lap.
scared lolaIgnore my un-brushed, just-showered hair. But don't ignore the most awesome pajamas in the world. SO SOFT AND COMFY... PLUS PENGUINS!!! :-D

Then I got up to do something, came back and she had retreated to the safe arms of her Papa. I guess she forgot he was also the Wrapping Paper Monster himself.
scared lola
b and lola
They love each other.

And I love them. ♥

Are your presents wrapped?! Only a few of ours are.... nothing like procrastination! ;) Hey, at least our shopping is done. I think...

P.S. A year ago today we met our baby girl for the first time... LOOK HOW LITTLE SHE WAS!!!