The obligatory 2011 re-cap.

Here we are, at the end of 2011.
Another year comes to a close.
Another year full of experiences...
...lessons learned..
ups and downs.

Ups and downs. That's kinda how I feel the year was... it was either up or down. I guess that was to be expected after the awesomeness that was all of 2010.

The theme of 2011 seemed to ring nothing ever goes as planned.
Remember -- marathon training? Oh yeah, that never happened.
Sure didn't plan this. That's for sure.
Bahamas? Beautiful, awesome girls trip with Cousin, buuut... still some hiccups.
Even though Alaska was amazing, even that didn't go off without a hitch.
And Kosmo losing his small intestine sure wasn't anything we planned for.

THANK GOD this went totally according to plan though.

Phew :)

And even though not everything went according to my plans this year, I know that everything happens for a reason. I know there's a bigger plan at work. I learned a lot. About celebrating the little things in life. Living in the moment. How to make the best of things that don't go the way you want them to. Not taking anything for granted. Especially people... family... loved ones.

Some things did go just as planned though.

We added Lola to our family and she has just been perfect. Well, Josh would argue otherwise, especially when she poops in the house, but I think her's just perfect. Especially for us. And he totally loves her now. Well, he always did... but especially the past few months after she became less of a crazy puppy who chews on everything and poops everywhere and more of a good girl who listens most of the time and finally sleeps through the night.

And Kosmo? Well, he's just smitten. He loves his baby sister (even now that she's bigger than he is) :)

Other awesome things that seemed to work out just right?
I was able to spend time with my brothers and my family more than just during the holidays.
I've been able to dabble in photography a little more, learn more about it, and have some fun with it in the name of a tiny little side business.
My brother Adam got engaged to an amazing girl and in 2012 I'll get a new sister!!!

Can't WAIT! Love you Jenn!!

I've made new friendships and sunk deeper into old ones.

And even if none of my trips this year went just according to plan, I still had the opportunity to visit some amazing places and see more of this beautiful world!!

-- I got to spend quality time with my favoritest Cousin!!! In the Bahamas!

I really, really, REALLY hope this Girls' Trip thing becomes an annual thing. Or at least a bi-annual thing!

-- Alaska? AHHH-MAZ-ING!

I mean, I rode in a helicopter.. the door flew open!... we stood on a freaking glacier. Unreal.

I got a bike (thanks B!!) and completed a triathlon. I turned 25. We had good family time up at the family farm.

We went camping and jet skiing. Lola graduated from puppy class. And even though I wasn't able to really run, Josh totally smashed his running goals and PR'd his half marathon time AND began marathon training. His 1st marathon is only 15 days away!

We set some new traditions, celebrated some birthdays, had lots of fun, and made lots of wonderful memories.

I've been thinking about resolutions... and I've decided that, if there's one thing 2011 taught me, it's that sometimes even no matter how much you want something, sometimes life just has other plans. If I say I want to run a marathon (as I said last year), I can try all I want but it just may not be in the cards. Not that you shouldn't make goals and strive to achieve them; I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying, this year -- my only goal, my only resolution is to be happy & content, thankful for what I have, and do the best I can with the opportunities and things I'm given. I want to love better. I want to show the people I care about how much I love them. I want to seize the moment. Soak it all in. I want to do all I can to keep becoming the best version of myself possible.... and I think if I do these things, good things will happen.

So overall? Some wins, some losses, but all in all 2011 was a pretty great year.


Here's to 2012! Make it your best.

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