On the 12th day of Christmas...


... my true love gave to me: A BRAND NEW LAPTOP!!! Which I am updating from right now! So FUN! :D

Funny story time! Josh would call it How Lynn Ruined Christmas, but I prefer to call it Christmas Came Early or Awesome Surprise! or My Boyfriend Rocks!

ANYWAY, so last night I was using Huey (my old computer) upstairs in my office and all was going well. Well maybe I should back up. Huey is old. I mean OLD. I got him back in 2007, so he's over 4, which is like ANCIENT for a computer. But he's been good to me. He still works great, he's just a little slow, and loud. Like when you turn him on it sounds like a jet engine, but he works. The battery won't hold a charge, so if you unplug him it lasts like 10 minutes max. And the battery cord is crazy fickle. It has to be plugged in and twisted around juuuuust right. And if you move funny or breathe on it wrong it quits working. Josh literally took the whole cord apart and cut it open and re-wired it so it would work just a few days ago (pros of having an engineer boyfriend :))

So anyway, I was working upstairs and all was well with the world. When Josh got home I migrated downstairs and then plugged him into the extension cord I've been using in the bedroom. Cord doesn't work. Freak out ensues. I need my computer in order to work and check my grades and update my blog and email important people and read peoples blogs and update Facebook and live and ZOMG what am I gonna do!!!?!

Enter my knight in shining armor! My cell phone rings. It's Josh. Mind you, he's sitting right next to me. You should probably answer that, he says. Confused, I answer the phone and he tells me to leave the room. Long story short, he sends me on a scavenger hunt through the house to where Duey (my new computer) was hiding. OMG you bought me a new laptop!!!! Is this really for me? NO WAY. :D How crazy awesome is that?!

So I bring Duey downstairs and we're getting him all set up and trying to transfer everything from Huey within the .92834 minutes of life he has left. AND THEN -- somehow we discover that Huey's not dead after all! The switch to the power outlet he was plugged into somehow got turned off (I am guessing the dogs did it while playing fetch...) OOOPS.

So Huey isn't dead. And I got my Christmas present from Josh a couple weeks early when I didn't really need it. I FEEL BAD but I LOVE DUEY (we name everything, if you haven't figured that out by now...) and I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND (and my Mom- she chipped in too but Josh picked everything out of course!)

I told him he can still wrap Duey up and I will open him on Christmas! ;)

So far I am loving - how fast Duey is, how quiet, and that I CAN USE THE BATTERY WITHOUT IT BEING PLUGGED INTO THE WALL! I'm not confined to spaces near an outlet anymore! I feel liberated!

Our tree is up! Before Christmas Eve this year!!! And we put it up while listening to Christmas music, drinking hot chocolate and watching a fire on TV above of our fireplace (?) I totally made a "thing" out of putting up our tree, but seriously... making Christmas a "thing" now and not just going through the motions is totally helping me love it again :D Sorry in advance to family & friends who may encounter one of my Christmas spectacles..... ;)
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