some holiday cheer

I can't believe I actually got my act together and made Christmas cards this year! Finally! It's only December 1st and these bad boys were put in the mail today!

I also started a little Christmas decorating.. we haven't put up the tree yet but there's a little bit of Christmas sprinkled throughout the house.

I found some new stockings that I like but I shall wait until after Christmas when they go on sale :)

I love that little porcelain tree. Someone made it for my Dad a long time ago. It lights up and is so pretty at night.

I still have more to do, but for some reason I'm really enjoying decorating this year. I even decorated the blog a little bit :) Hopefully I can get Josh to put up the tree before Christmas eve this year... I'm kind of hoping for a real tree, but I'm not holding my breath.... maybe next year ;)

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?!
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