That time we went ice skating!

A few weeks ago we got a flyer in the mail about a temporary ice skating rink that was being put up downtown and was going to be there through December. I really wanted to go -- even though I'd only been ice skating once in my life (about 8 years ago) so it probably wouldn't be pretty, and Josh is 5 weeks away from his first marathon and has never been ice skating, so the combination of those 2 things could be really bad for him (think sprained ankle + marathon = bad news) -- BUT I guess it's one of those "cliche" December, Christmasy things.. ice skating outside with Christmas music playing in the background.. a fun little memory to be made. And I am over Christmas being a depressing time for me. I am ready to think about fun, happy things when I think about Christmas... I want it to be magical again, instead of depressing.

It's taken me 11 years, but I'm getting there. Yes, my Dad left this earth 5 days after Christmas, so no matter what I will always be a little sad around this time of year. But that doesn't mean I have to hate it. He wouldn't want me to. Besides, the reason we celebrate this season gives me hope that I will see him again one day. And I'm learning that if I fill it with fun, happy things it makes it a little easier :)

SO ANYWAY. As you might have guessed, we went ice skating yesterday! First with a big group of friends!

IMG_3367Aaron, me, Josh, Ryan, Dana, Heather, Rachel, Phillip

Love these people.

For the first little while, Dana and I were best friends with the side rail.

I finally figured it out though and became a pro. I mean for real, I was REALLY GOOD.

It's kind of hard to tell just from a picture, but my technique was to hold Josh's hand and let him pull me around. Worked like a charm and I didn't even fall ;)

IMG_3379I even shared with Dana so she could experience life away from the side rail too.

Aaron was a bit of a show-off ;)

At some point I learned that since we had already paid, that we could come back anytime that day for free. So my first thought? We should bring Gage and Morgan! So that's precisely what we did.. we came back later in the evening with Josh's niece and nephew!
Gage held my hand for about 20 seconds, then he let go and totally went off on his own. He was better than me!! I was so proud of him! He did great -- he fell a lot, but he just got right back up and kept going! He also made a new "best friend," a kid named Ethan. Morgan wouldn't let go of Josh's hand.. I think next year when she's just a bit older she might be a little more adventurous!
skatingThey both had fun though which was my only goal! I wanted to create a little Christmas memory for them that they would remember and I think we did! As soon as we were done, Gage asked if we could go ice skating next time he was with us and he said he couldn't wait to tell his mommy about how much fun he had! He also told me he remembered that time I took them to play in the snow and then we made hot chocolate... almost 2 years ago! I can't believe he remembers that, but I'm glad he does. Hopefully he'll be telling us about that time we went ice skating 2 years from now! :)
Dinner afterwards where my 2 best friends (that's what they called themselves :)) both sat next to me in the booth and left Unc all by himself concluded our evening. I'd say it was a pretty good day!

Hope your weekend is full of fun Christmas memories! We're off to do some Christmas shopping and (finally!) put up our tree!!! :D

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