Wednesday Phone Photo Dump

....kind of like the Tuesday Phone Photo Dump, except without ulterior motives... AKA yet another one-time-only series appearing here on the blog (most likely!)

Happy Hump Day, friends!

Since I'm in the middle of finals week, I haven't done much but study, go to the gym, make dinner, and then sleep. Rinse and repeat.

Oh but guess what GUESS WHAT--- I have an A in my Advanced Physiology class so I don't have to take the final!!! And I am pretty much guaranteed at least a B in my College Algebra class! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) <--- this almost makes me happier than the A in my physio class. This makes me very HAPPY and proud of myself! At the beginning of the semester I almost dropped physio because I felt like it was all just gonna be too much.. I didn't think I could do it. And plus with the math class... I hadn't taken math in 6 years. I had to get at least a C in that class, but preferably better so I can get into my program. It seemed like a shot in the dark... And now here I am -- I stuck with it, worked hard, and after my math final tomorrow it will all be over! I DID IT! :D

Anyways. I feel bad leavin' you all hangin', so here some recent photos from my phone...

B and I went on a date to Five Guys. Have I ever mentioned that my boyfriend loves cheeseburgers?
5 guys
A photo shoot, boots, & a new rug in the kitchen :)
And lastly, check up for the doggies at the vet. And Lola sticks her butt in Kosmo's face... isn't she sweet? Kosmo had blood work done and his basic labs came back normal (good news!), his B12 levels are still a little low, but overall he is still doing great since his surgery! :D

Think good thoughts for me... my algebra final is tomorrow at 1:00. :)
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