HAPPY 2012!


Our NYE was nothing super spectacular or fancy, but it was perfect all the same. I'm really liking this going out for dinner then coming home to celebrate thing. We did it last year too. It's like the perfect mix... we get to go out and do something, but then come home and hang with friends. It's fun & safe! And we don't have to deal with crazy drunks or idiots.. or at least no crazy drunks or idiots that we didn't invite over ;) I kid, I kid.

We started off with dinner. We had reservations at a local hibachi grill for us and our friends... I made this reservation on what, Wednesday or Thursday? Well, we showed up and they had lost it. And the wait was over an hour. Luckily, they knew it was their fault because they had lost a paper with several reservations on it. Seems like a brilliant thing to do with a paper that holds reservations for New Year's Eve. So thank goodness we didn't have to wait an hour!! The only downside is, we were sitting right at the perfect spot to feel the draft every time someone opened the door... it was freezing!

Oh well, the hibachi grill is always a win. I love that cute little volcano fire thing they do with the onions.

After dinner, everyone came back to our place for drinks, games, and cheers at midnight!

Sheri was all about a card game called Dutch Blitz. None of us had ever heard of it. She explained the rules, but I was busy making Hummingbirds so I didn't hear them. But it must have been fun because Heather, Ryan, Dana and Sheri played for hours!!!

Meanwhile, Josh, Pat, Brian and Nikki played Euchere and tried to teach me. I STILL don't know how to play this game!!!

The littlest partier, Justin, almost made it til midnight!
He fell asleep around 11:45. Kosmo curled right up on his lap.. and started licking his hand! He licked it for probably 20 minutes straight and Justin slept right through it! Kosmo is a licker.. and apparently Justin is a very sound sleeper! He also slept right through all the horn-blowing when the clock struck 12.

All I know is that I'm lucky to have such great friends!! Fantastic people to ring in the new year with!

IMG_3681The whole group. Plus Lola's butt. She was laying at the other end of the couch and as the camera's self-timer ticked down, everyone yelled for her trying to get her in the picture too. I guess we can say she made it? ;)

Here's to 2012!!

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