According to the Evo -- I don't know if I take enough pictures of Kosmo and Lola?

1. SNOW!
2. Kosmo chews a bone.
3. Snuggles with Lola :)
4. Josh gets in his arm exercises with a doggy dumbbell.
5. Babies.
6. Hot chocolate!
7. Puffy hair!
8. Crock-pot cooking.
9. Lola's toothy nap-face.

AND LOTS MORE wasn't captured this weekend. OOPS.
- Josh's dad's birthday dinner!
- Helped Josh's sister pick out her GORGEOUS wedding dress!
- double date at PF Changs.
- movie night with my B.
- tornadoes ripped through town (no major damage though, thank goodness!)
- homework....

Gearing up for a busy week! (should have gotten a venti @ Sbux this morning....:))

Happy Monday!!