Packed & ready to go!

I don't think Lola wants her momma to go anywhere :(

Heading west tomorrow!
Grand Canyon Friday?
Sightseeing Phoenix Saturday?
Josh runs 26.2 on Sunday.
I'm excited!!!

((not sure if I'll be blogging while we're gone or not but I'll probably be tweeting if you wanna come to AZ with us! :))

In other news...

-- we added a new lens to our collection this week. So far I've only taken this picture with it::

but I already love it. New lenses are super fun!! Can't wait to try it out more in Arizona!!!

(and don't mind whatever the heck is on Kosmo's face... no idea...he pretty much needs a bath 97% of the time)

-- I made a paleo-ish chicken crock-pot recipe tonight and it was much better than my first attempt! I'll share the recipe soon [... assuming I remember]

-- 2nd day of physics class was today... it scares me to admit this but I kind of enjoyed it. Weird... but we'll see what happens after we get past chapter 1.

-- I've had to disable anonymous comments due to spam :-/ Hopefully this doesn't really affect anyone, but I was getting tired of it...

-- Don't forget to enter the giveaway!! Contest ends on Monday!

I think that's about it! Off to watch my tivo'd Modern Family and SLEEP.

See you out west!!