a post about running.


i'm sort of conflicted about running lately.
i miss it like crazy, but i don't hardly try to do it anymore because i keep getting set back by my injuries and it's super FRUSTRATING.
(IT band, piriformis, and now a torn hip flexor, if you're keeping tally)
((the torn hip flexor is self-diagnosed for now until i can get back into the doc, but i'm pretty sure it's accurate))
i typically run slower and much less distance nowadays than i did when i started running, and it's super discouraging.
especially knowing where i once was before i got injured.
so it sucks because it's like it's not even worth it or something.
BUT -- i can't really do anything about it, other than do my best heal and work back to where i was.
sitting on the couch pouting that i can't run 5 miles like it's nothing anymore isn't going to magically make me be able to run 5 miles again.

last year, when i got injured, i didn't try to heal properly because i had hopes & dreams of training for a marathon.
it was more important to me to log miles & hope my injury was just a bad dream than it was to rest & heal.
so i didn't heal. which is probably why i'm still injured a year later.
so this year i have no racing goals.
of course i'd like to do the triple crown & derby 1/2 if possible, but my main goal is to heal and run healthy again!
even if it means basically starting over.

so i can't 5 miles right now.
what i can do? i can run 1 mile, and i can increase my mileage slowly until i'm back at 5 miles again.
it sucks right now -- only running 1 or 2 miles at a time... i mean, that used to be my warm-up -- but it will be worth it when i'm back to running 5, 7, 10 miles pain-free!!

and last night? i went for my first "real" run of the year!!
it was dark and pouring down rain when i got home and we had a dinner date with a group of friends an hour later... all conditions i'd usually use as excuses to skip a run, but for whatever reason, last night i NEEDED to run.
so i did.
1.8 miles around the neighborhood.
no garmin, no ipod.. just me, the asphalt, and the rain drops.
and some random dude running in jeans? serious.
1.8 miles may not have used to have been a lot, but last night it was a big victory for me.
i didn't even stop at all, i felt great, and i'm pretty sure i had a decent little pace going.
and today my hips are a little sore so i know i still have work to do and a long way to go...
but i ran last night!!!
OMG you guys, I RAN LAST NIGHT!!!

i really hope this becomes a regular, progressing thing again!
i miss running, i miss doing a race every month, and i miss buying new running clothes ;)

so here's to starting over and running healthy again!
oh, and it's friday!

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