Can we be DIY-ers?

So this is my "vision board" for our living room:

Give or take the rug. I was thinking I'd just go with a California Shag carpet-like rug (as seen above in poor quality) but I've since found a [much more expensive :-/] BEAUTIFUL patterned rug that I've fallen in LoOoOvE with!

(not that it matters because I'm not buying any area rugs until Lola 100% quits chewing on rugs! They seem to be her favorite chew toy and I can't be replacing a $150+ rug every week)

Anywho, I am slowly but surely collecting the above pieces to complete our living room makeover! I know that Josh could care less (when I met him the walls were totally BLANK!) but I guess making a house into a home is a girl thing!

The biggest "project" is the entertainment center. I have always LOVED built-in bookshelves/entertainment walls... but since our house didn't come with any, I was going to settle for the white entertainment center you see above.

(and by settle I mean I really love it!)

UNTIL.... Josh has decided to channel his innner-Ty Pennington and build everything himself. He's being all project-oriented lately. It started a couple weeks ago when he decided he was going to build a computer from scratch.

So, you know, he did. NBD. I pretty much do that every day.

Okay, aaaaactually, it seems a bit crazy to me but he assured me that it was easy. Sweet! I'll put that on my list of things to do right behind build a diesel engine from scratch. The thing starts up in about 4 seconds and doesn't make a single iota of a noise while it's running. I'd say he did good.

He also recently got a professional-quality photo printer. Guess we don't need mpix or Shutterfly anymore! And he's been mounting his pro-quality prints onto foam board. Like a boss.

So that's pretty neato. He's like super jazzed about it in a cute little geeky sort of way. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts wallpapering the entire house in foam-boarded photos of the Boston Terriers. Lord knows we have enough pictures to do so.

When he brought them in to show me, I thought he resembled someone but couldn't quite put my finger on it...



((p.s. while Google-searching for the above image, I learned that Moses was stoned when he set the Ten Commandments, according to a researcher. I am just wondering how they would have figured that out....hmmm... I'm sure it's totally accurate, you know, being on the internet and all....))

So anywho. Now Josh is all like no need to buy an entertainment center when I can BUILD one! He even picked up this book and I didn't even ask him to:

*Sigh* He sure does know the way to my heart ;)

Armed with this book and Pinterest I am now chalk full of inspiration for fun built-ins!!! A few of my favorites:
I like the arched tops... the doors that close off the TV... the in-set lighting...

I'm sure my entertainment center is second in line behind his office bookshelf/desk that he's wanting to build (again, no need to buy a desk when you're awesome like B and can just build one!)

Seriously, is there anything he's not good at?!?!

We've also talked about re-doing the laundry room to make it a bit more into a mudroom.
I think a little bench with some coat racks and cute little cubbies would be a lot more beneficial and functional than the wall of shelves we have in there right now that mostly collect junk ;)

So can we be DIY-ers?! Who knows. I read all kinds of blogs of people who totally renovate their entire houses and do a million home-improvement projects all the time, you'd think we -- okay, let's be honest Josh will be doing most of the work, but I promise I'll help!! -- could do these few "easy" projects, right?! But then again, we still have a hole in the basement ceiling....

hole in the ceiling
It's only been there for two years! :-/

BUT he did whip up these awesome shelves for me in about 2 days before too...

which I have, thankfully, since decorated a little bit better. ;)

Interior design is definitely not my forte, but it is FUN for me!! We'll see how these build-it-yourself projects go! I'll post any progress we make here... but who knows, it could be another 2 years before we get to it! :-p

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