Things that are awesome: CrossFit & my boyfriend!

So I posted about CrossFit a teeny tiny bit, waaay back in the day. Like a year ago. I wanted to get into it, I tried, but it was hard because I had to do the WOD's (work out of the day) by myself, at my gym where they didn't have all the necessary CrossFit equipment. Plus I thrive on people interaction -- especially when working out -- so the working out alone part was probably the biggest drawback for me. Especially when I really didn't know much about CrossFit so it would have been very beneficial to have someone there who knew what the heck they were doing because some of that terminology and those exercises are crazy.

Sure, I coulda joined a CrossFit gym... buuut they're all in Louisville (most likely farther than I'd regularly want to drive to go work out) plus I didn't want to spend more money on another gym membership when I already had one. So I kinda gave up on it.

WELL. Fast forward a year later and GUESS WHAT!?

Two of our friends, Case and Renee, are opening up their own CrossFit gym LOCALLY. How COOL is that?!? And Josh has been their official photographer, taking some [awesome] photos for them to use for promotional purposes and can I just say that I think they are so super cool?!

My B is like a PRO!!! I think these photos are so awesome!!!

I'm also excited to start CrossFit again! Or rather, start it in general. I guess doing 3 WOD's in my life doesn't mean that I ever got really into it. So I'm excited to start it up and really make it a part of my workout routine! It's supposed to make you fit over all and get into the best shape of your life. Here's a little video about it if you have no idea what CrossFit is:

Plus, it's supposed to be awesome for runners -- they say that CrossFit people who train for a marathon only have to run something like 1/4 as much as a regular marathon training program. Don't quote me on that, no idea if that's totally accurate but it's something like that. CrossFit is supposed to make you super FIT.

Maybe I'll even get abs like Renee!!

The new gym is scheduled to open up in March -- if you're local, Like them on Facebook to follow along for updates!! If you're a local lady, Renee is doing a WOD "preview workout" for us girls that she promises ANYONE can do. If you want info on that, e-mail me and I'll give you the details!

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