Hole be gone!

You guys, MY BLOG IS MAGIC!!!

In my last post, I wrote about how we had a hole in our basement ceiling that has been there for 2 years!

hole in the ceiling


So I wrote that post on Tuesday and on Wednesday I came home to this:
At this point, I was a little concerned because he was making the hole bigger. Pretty sure he was doing it wrong. But what the heck do I know? About holes in the basement ceiling? nottathing.

So anywho, by Thursday (last night) this was the current status of the hole:
hole fixed
I don't think it's at finished status, but it's definitely not at big giant hole status anymore.


Wow! The hole had been there for 730+ days and then I write about it on my blog and it's [nearly] fixed in 2! Bam! MAGIC! I wonder what else I can write on my blog that will transpire into real-life happenings. Hmmm.... dear little blog, let's go to Hawaii!

Completely un-related, but I thought it was time for a phone-photo dump!

((as you can see, I totally ended up buying those Boston Terrier Christmas stockings from Pottery Barn!! Josh was less than thrilled, but umm.. I got them both WITH embroidery for the price of ONE of them at normal price! I guess it pays to buy Christmas stockings in February! And yes, Kosmo and Lola LOVE them, obviously!!;))

HaPpY fRiDaY!
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