How many crowns does a princess need?

Ha! My mom's friend Deneen is SO FUNNY. That was her comment on my Facebook status this morning when I said To sign up for the Triple Crown or not... that is the question.

I am really debating this. Really, really, really hard. I want to SO BAD. I haven't run the entire thing since 2010. (I did the 10k last year but...)
triple crown
2010! I can't believe it's been that long already!! I remember that year so well... it was my first year running, everything was brand new. Each distance was new to me. First I did the 5k... I knew I could run the distance but I also PR'd and my momma ran it too! The 10k was my first 10k ever and it involved a slight disappointment, but I also loved it I met my goal all at the same time! And the 10 miler? Well, that was the first time I actually felt like running my first half marathon was actually gonna happen and I was so proud of myself.

I guess that year it all just made me feel so accomplished. Running distances I never thought I could do. It was all so exciting.

Then last year I was injured. This year, I'm still injured a little bit. But I miss running. I miss the excitement of the spring races around here. I miss that feeling of accomplishment and excitement. So now... do I sign up or not? I'm coming off injuries, at the very least, if not still slightly injured... so do I sign up for fun and hope for the best? I really imagined that by now I'd be better, I'd be faster. What if I run them slower than I did before? I also don't want to be stupid about it and hurt myself again/more.

Plus, my aunt Kathy bought me the most amazing running outfit this weekend when we went shopping!
I super love that shirt!! I have super awesome pink shorts to go with it!! Now I NEED A RACE TO WEAR IT TO.

Oh, and because someone will probably ask... YES I could just sign up for the 5k, see how it goes, and then sign up for the rest accordingly (or not). BUT -- if you sign up for all of them at once you get an extra shirt! And let's be honest, shirts are pretty much the main reason to run races! yes?

So what's a girl to do? #runnersproblems

I have til February 25th to decide. UGH.

Welp, my plan at this point is to run 2.5-3 miles tonight and see how it goes and then go from there....