My first WOD!

WOD = workout of the day. It's a CrossFit term. :)

I went to my first WOD last night. Remember how our friends are opening up their own CrossFit gym? Well, last night they held an "open-WOD" so people could get a taste of what CrossFit is all about. And? Well, it was awesome!!! I can NOT wait for it to open up full time! I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm going to drop my current gym membership and join them over there!

From what I understand, there's a different WOD every day. And the point of CrossFit is to do different exercises all the time, to constantly keep your workout varied and changing. The exercises are short but are done at a high intensity. Apparently CrossFit is used as training for like the Navy Seals and stuff. Hard.Core. For example, our workout last night consisted of 8 different exercises, done for 30 seconds each - then rest for 1 minute. Repeat 3 times. So our total time of actual working out was 15 minutes, including the breaks. 15 minutes, y'all. I was a little skeptical if I'd actually feel like I'd even done anything after only 15 minutes, but let me tell you -- when we got home last night I was exhausted. Like, I almost went to bed at 8:30. I did not want to even move. I was literally more worn out than I am after I've worked out at the gym for 2 hours!!! It was insane.

The exercises we did were -- squats, burpees, push ups, double unders, overhead lunges, sit ups, sprints, and kettle bell swings.

B was there again for more photography services. THANK GOODNESS, because now I know what I look like while working out. ((which, for the record, I think body-builders like but us normal folk could probably do without the incriminating evidence))

double under
This is me doing double-unders. You know, where you are supposed to jump and get the rope under you twice during each jump. I know that it looks like I'm not even jumping at all, but don't let your eyes fool you. I was actually doing one-legged double-unders. Clearly.

Lunges are pretty fun all the time, but especially when holding a giant weight above your head. Then they are REALLY fun!!

This was my first time ever doing kettlebell swings. Or actually anything with a kettlebell. Verdict? I didn't hate it.

So yeah... the whole workout reminded me of my favorite circuit/interval/crosstraining class at the gym (that they got rid of!!! rude) except on steroids. I think interval training is my favorite way to workout. I like it because the exercises are always changing so it keeps you from getting bored and it makes the time go by fast. And CrossFit is like that ALL THE TIME! It's like it's made for me or something!! Plus I think interval training is the best for your body because when your exercises are constantly changing, your body can't get used to the workout and therefore your body will constantly change too! I'm also excited about it because it will give me something to focus on since I can't really run much right now, but some of the WODS do incorporate running. And bonus! It will make my whole body fit, as opposed to just my legs like running & spin class do. Apparently then the gym opens up we'll get to super crazy cool stuff like flip over huge tires, gymnastics moves, whatever the heck "thrusters" are, pull-ups (which I couldn't do to safe my life right now but Case assures me he can have me doing multiple ones in no time!)

Thanks for the great workout, Case & Renee!!!

For more on what CrossFit is go here.