Noteworthy Mid-Week News (or something)

Today seems to be just FLYING by.
I woke up at 7:30 (slept in woo!), went for a quick run (20ish minutes), and by the time I showered and made breakfast it was already 9:30 and time for me to leave the house. How does that happen?!

However, I'm sure when I hit my physics class in 2 hours, time will stand still. That's just how it works.

--- P.S. for breakfast I made THE most AMAZING milkshake smoothie ever. It tasted like & had the texture of a chocolate milkshake!!! Except I didn't feel guilty drinking it!

Ingredients: handful of spinach (fo'realz), 5ish frozen strawberries, some ice cubes, some vanilla almond milk, and a scoop of this:


This had to have been the secret ingredient. I mean I know it's called "triple chocolate shake" but I wasn't expecting that one little scoop to totally cancel out the taste of the spinach, strawberries, and almond milk AND actually make it have milkshake consistency! SO GOOD.
+ healthy.
& filling.

Try it. You're welcome in advance.

--- I just finished my physics homework. That means my brain is officially done working for the rest of the week. W=Fd, that's the formula for work in case you're wondering.

I was actually pretty proud of myself though because when I was done with my homework I looked up the answers to the odd ones in the back and they were right!!! Hopefully that means I did the even ones right too.

-- Speaking of class, I didn't have any on Monday because it was Presidents Day.


I didn't even know it was Presidents Day until I found out I didn't have class. I think we were the only college around here that was off, but I'm def not complaining.

Also, I like President's Day because it was kind of like Christmas at the outlet mall last weekend.

I went to spend the day with my Aunt Kathy and we hit up the outlet mall. Outlet mall prices + Presidents Day sales = super awesome deals!! And not to be cheesy, but spending the day with my aunt Kathy was even better than the sales -- srsly, she's my daddy's only sister so I love hanging out with her and being able to talk about him. I think I learn something new about him every time, plus she understands how I feel and we're a lot alike so it's pretty awesome.

--- I ended up not running yesterday (it was dark by the time I got home). I ran this morning but it was cold and I couldn't breathe through my left nostril so it wasn't the best or the longest run, but it also didn't hurt in the leg/hip/piriformis region so I guess that's good. Gonna take another go at it before I decide on the race(s) or not though.

--- I had some head shots taken this weekend by a professional:
head shots
and by a professional I mean B. But really those terms are basically interchangeable nowadays. I don't know what I need head shots for but now I have some in case I do. Thanks B!

--- I downloaded the ZipList app the other day. If you're the main grocery shopper in your house, please download it immediately. It is awesome!!! You make your grocery list right on it (you can even do it from your computer) and then you have it with you at the store on your phone! and you can add recipe ingredients right to your list from the app... so quick, easy, and helpful! Plus I've discovered so many awesome recipes I want to try from it. And it's FREE!

---I will now leave you with a recipe.

oreo-poke-pudding-cakephoto from here; my cake didn't turn out this pretty, but it was [probably] just as delicious!

Last weekend I made an Oreo Pudding Poke Cake. Except I made mine "low-fat."
Here's what you need:

• chocolate cake mix
• 2 boxes of pudding (technically the recipe calls for oreo pudding but I couldn't find it)
• oreos (reduced fat if you want, well, reduced fat)
• diet soda (yes)

So basically, you make the cake as directed except, instead of oil & eggs you replace them with the diet soda. You can also do this to any boxed cake mix to make it lower fat. Any kind of diet soda works. I used diet Mountain Dew ;)

Bake as directed.

Then poke holes in it and cover with the pudding. Since I didn't have oreo pudding, I crushed up some oreos and put them in my white chocolate pudding. Then you put more crushed up oreos on top!

Also, I used almond milk instead of cow's milk in the pudding.

Even with all of my random substitutions, my cake turned out yummy!! It just didn't stay together as well, I'm guessing because of the lack of eggs, but at least I didn't feel quite so guilty about eating a large piece!

Happy Hump day!