V-Day & 2.5 years!

Today marks exactly 30 months since my B asked me out on our very first date! 30 months! Seems like s0o0o0 long ago and just yesterday all at the same time.

So to celebrate or something, Josh planned a short little trip to Costa Rica!!! Behold:

Costa Rica-07
Awesome, right?!

Well it would be.... IF I WAS INCLUDED!

Unfortunately (for me) it was a work-related trip. One which required him to be gone on Valentine's Day AND our 30th monthiversary!!! I don't know why his company didn't take into consideration our love and see the need for me to go as well. I just don't get it!?!

Don't worry though, B assures me he is working hard and miserable and misses me and blah blah, but I've seen pictures of his previous "work-related" trips......

Surfing in Costa Rica
Pat Costa Rica 046AHH B had long hair in '07!

Zip-lining in Costa Rica
Costa Rica 134

Snorkeling off the coast of some exotic island near Malaysia (Oct. 2011)

Drinking wine in Malaysia
Yep, looks like he's workin' hard to me ;) ***

According to the evidence, he's probably been sitting on a beach drinking Hummingbirds all week. Lucky duck.

Thankfully he gets home tonight so he'll still kinda make it for our 30th monthiversary! Not in time for a re-creation of our first date at Chick-Fil-A but at least he'll be in the States again! YAYAYAY! My little Valentines and I sure do miss him!

Love those babies :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day and got to spend it with people you love! Even though my B wasn't here, I still had a wonderful evening with my momma and my fur-babies and that's all that matters!

*** I hope a disclaimer isn't really needed, but just in case my sarcasm wasn't picked up -- I wrote this post all in fun because I KNOW Josh has been working hard in Costa Rica! He works hard every day and the Bostons and I are thankful and appreciative of everything he does! :D And if I traveled for work I'd sure hope I could go surfing and zip-lining, too! I think on this trip though, he was just busy avoiding earthquakes! Thank goodness he's okay!! (also thank goodness I didn't hear about the earthquake on the news because I would have been so worried!!!)