Deja Vu

As you may have guessed - things have been busy around here!!! Mostly good.... except for the tornado.

On Friday, an F4 tornado ripped through a neighboring town here. Henryville -- a teeny tiny town just a few miles up the road (that I probably wouldn't even know was there had my Dad not lived there when he died) that doesn't make the news much, is now making national news for being totally gone. The pictures and video are scary and heart-wrenching... I haven't been there to see the devastation first-hand because they are asking that people stay away while the officials clean up.

It was like deja vu and took me right back to 2008.

All I can say is that we are incredibly lucky. At least 28 people lost their lives around here on Friday, and many more are seriously injured. I read stories about babies being ripped from their mother's arms.. a toddler was found alone in a field (she survived and was reunited with her family.) I have friends who have lost everything. I can't even imagine. Even as a storm-lover, I take these warnings seriously now. I've lived through two really devastating tornadoes. It really just makes you realize how quickly everything can be taken from you.


I am happy to live in a community though, that has had to send people away because so many are out there helping.

Please pray for our neighbors who have lost loved ones and everything they have. And count your blessings!