The... dun dun dun.... 5k!

IMG_4260I look like a puffy marshmallow man... dang layers!

Let's re-cap my running history, shall we?

September 2009: start running and make goal to run a half marathon.
April 2010: 6 months later, run my first half marathon & several other races along the way.
September 2009-December 2010: Run at least 1 race every single month (this was a big deal for me!)
December 2010: run my 2nd half marathon and injure IT band.
January 2011: start marathon training, further aggravate IT band.

... and since then, I've pretty much not run consistently at all due to said IT band and other compensation injuries.

SO. I signed up for the 5k this past Saturday because I missed the whole spring racing series last year and I FREAKIN' MISS RACING!!! And by racing, I just mean running with obnoxiously large groups of people, because we all know I'm not fast enough to actually "race" anyone. I did not sign up for it because I've been training or because I'm totally healed... but I figured with a few recent 2.5 mile runs under my belt I could manage a 5k without too much problem.

Come race morning I was pumped! Even though it was cold (37* after a string of days in the 70's = BOO!) and I didn't get much sleep the night before (tornadoes, remember?) I was ready to run! There was even a teeny tiny part of me that was secretly hoping I could PR. Spoiler alert: That didn't happen. But I did run my hardest, tried my best, and felt like vomiting at the end. Wins.

My first mile was FAST (for me.) So fast that I was kinda shocked. I hate doing that in 5k's but it's just so hard not to. Especially in one with 10,000+ runners... everyone around you is going so fast that it's hard to keep a nice steady, slower pace.

So anyway, mile 1=fast, mile 2=not as fast but still decent, by mile 3 my hips were feeling a little tight & uncomfortable, but I didn't stop. The finish line was just around the corner, of course I could make it!!

AND I DID! I finished strong. Not strong enough to PR, but if my calculations are correct, it was my 3rd fastest 5k. Not too shabby, especially for not training and janky tight hips! YAY!!

(and for those wondering, I did order the racing shoes, but they were a tiny bit too tight, so I didn't wear them and sent them back)

Over all, I'm pretty proud of that little 5k. No, it wasn't my best. But I tried my best and that's what matters. The time on the clock isn't always the most important thing. Plus I think it ignited the racing bug in me again and now I'm debating on signing up for the 10k.... it's on St. Patrick's Day! (I think Erica should come back from Boston and run it with me like last time!!!) ;)