good friends

i've heard if you leave this earth with 5 good friends, you were truly a blessed man (or woman). and i really think this is true!

in high school i cared more about the
quantity of my friends versus the quality of them. not that i didn't have amazing friends (i did!) but it seemed like the only thing everyone cared about was trying to be in the popular group. luckily i felt like i was pretty well-rounded with my friends... i seemed to fit into almost any circle and tried to befriend everyone. i had my class friends, my anchor club friends, my church friends, my older classmen friends and so on .... the same thing can kind of be said for college, although on a smaller scale. hello, a million kappa delta sisters!

but how many of those people would i still consider my friends? umm.. about 5. sure, i have a ton of people i know i could call if i really needed something or that i like to catch up with at events, but honest-to-goodness friends... the ones that really know what goes on in my day-to-day life, there are just a handful.

and i got to see one of them this weekend! on saturday after the 10k (more on that later), i headed to nashville to meet up with my friend rindi!


i love rindi because she shows me how to be a better friend! seriously, if you want a FRIEND, call rindi! i'm convinced the only reason we are still good friends after living 5 hours apart for 3.5 years now is because we both put in effort to remain friends! dude, friendships take work just like relationships!

you know how if you call someone a few times and they never call you back or just don't seem to care anymore and then you give up? that's me, 100%. if i feel like you aren't putting effort into our friendship too, i will probably stop trying after so long.

anywho, so we met in nashville because it's about 1/2 way for both of us. plus nashville is just cool. we had lunch at a place called the chocolate covered strawberry... so you know i loved it! i was famished after the race + a 3 hour drive so of course it tasted delicious because probably cardboard would have tasted delicious, but i think it would have anyway plus every meal came with a chocolate covered strawberry! brilliant! i wish i had taken pictures because the place was SO cute! but like i said i was starved and when i'm starved i can't think about anything else but food.

then we went shopping at an outdoor mall. which was going to be perfect because it was gorgeous and sunny outside... but as soon as we got there it started POURING! luckily we still had a good time and hey, a little rain never hurt anybody!

anyway, over all i had a great weekend and a great time in nashville! just wish we had longer to visit :( tennessee really needs to figure out how to be closer to indiana. that would make my life a WHOLE lot easier!!!

happy happy monday!!