life, lately.


do you ever just get so behind on blogging that it seems impossible to catch up because life just keeps on happening?

that's how i feel right now.

and i'm even on spring break so you'd think i'd have more time!

((yeah, spring break already.. not sure how that happened! but it is going to be in the 80's here today!!))

anyway, i have high hopes of getting all caught up here soon! here's a little rundown in bullet-point form though, for now--

• i signed up for the 10k on saturday! i can't remember if i already said that here or not. i ordered some green running shorts too, since it'll be st. patrick's day!!

• B and i are in the process of starting a new business endeavor. pretty exciting!! except for the whole part about having to learn about business & tax laws and all that jazz... that's the less exciting part, but still kinda interesting actually (i'm a nerd)

shelly had her 5th baby last friday and i got to meet him on saturday!!! even though he was over 8lbs and almost 2ft long, i still thought he looked tiny. i just love newborns! plus he was named after my brother adam, so that's pretty cool. (okay not really, but his name is adam so he basically was)

• does anyone watch survivor? that new tribe, i forgot the name but the one with colton on it...seriously they are morons.

• and WTH happened on the walking dead?! craziness.

• my friends heather (you'll remember her from alaska) and dana are running their first marathon in washington d.c. on saturday!! so excited and proud of them! cheer them on for me since i can't be there, MB! ;)

• i guess that's it for now, can't think of much else!

• oh, if you're on the tweeter, tweet #givereesehope to @justinbieber! we're trying to get justin bieber to come visit a 5 year old girl here whose mother lost her legs in the tornado a couple weeks ago while saving her children from harm. they lost literally everything but luckily are still alive and the children walked away without a scratch! i didn't know her well, but the mother went to my gym and took several of the same classes as me. anyway, here's a link to the twitter story and here's where you can read more about the family.

thanks, friends! happy thursday!


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