Lola's new trick.

the other day i heard lola crying in the other room.
this isn't uncommon, as she frequently wants a treat for no reason or a toy that's gotten stuck under the couch.
so i followed the whimpers and they lead me to....... the bathroom.
yes, of all the rooms in the house, she was in the bathroom.
so i thought, well maybe a ball got stuck behind the toilet.
this has happened before as well.
but then... this happened..

lola potty
so i thought maybe a ball somehow ended up in the toilet and she was trying to get it.
but nope, toilet was empty.
she was just sitting there crying into the toilet for no reason.
what a little weirdo!
or... maybe she was trying to tell me she had to go potty!!
yes! that's it!
what a little genius!!! ;)


(this hasn't happened since, so i have no idea what it was all about. she probably learned it from her papa..)