You know what I love?

...Seeing the world through my camera lens and bringing others joy through my photos.

I love capturing a sweet newborn baby forever in time as a wrinkly, squishy little thing.... because we all know that doesn't last very long. I love capturing the love of a sweet family and telling a story through photos.

It's been a little bit since I've been really busy with photos (dang school!) and sometimes when it's been a bit I forget how much I love it... but man, I really do love it.

We've been busy this week taking pictures...

First off, Josh and I are honored to be involved in a really cool project here. We are doing the photography for a local calendar that is being put together to raise money for our area that was affected by the recent tornado. The calendar is going to feature local heroes from that day. On Tuesday, we did the first 2 shots and I can NOT wait to meet all the other people that are going to be featured and hear their amazing stories from that day. Such an awesome project to be involved with!!!

On Wednesday I was honored (again!) to take family photos for Kosmo's favorite doctor. She had never had family photos done and after saving our little guy's life, it was the least I could do. And her little girl?! Seriously... CUTEST THING EVER.

IMG_4393-Edit - Copy
IMG_4489 - Copy
IMG_4416-Edit - Copy
gaaahhh SO sweet!!

AND THEN on Thursday, I did some newborn photos for Shelly's newborn toddler.

Just kidding, but her newest little guy was born almost 2ft tall and is already over 9 pounds. He was wide awake for our whole shoot and really squirmy but oh so adorable. I've only edited one photo so far but I think it's pretty cute :)


So anyway, that's my excuse for the lack of posts this week! Pretty good excuse I think :D

Going to see THE HUNGER GAMES tonight!! Who's seen it?!?!

Happy Friday!