The art of bathing the Bostons

First you exclaim in a very excited voice: Who wants to be the first to get a bath?!?!?! But since you say it so excitedly, they think you're saying: Who wants a super special doggy treat?!? Tricky!

And then of course, Lola comes running so you scoop her up and plop her in the sink!
  IMG_4823-Edit2 IMG_4828-Edit
And after about 5 minutes of torturous washing (darn you for trying to make her clean!!!) it's over.
By this point the other Boston Terrier knows what's going on.
No such luck little buddy.
Baby sister waits patiently for her brother to be cleaned!
And finally... Viola! A little Kosmo burrito!

Two clean Boston Terriers. And that is how it's done!