easter (via instagram)


in case you haven't heard, instagram is now available for us lowly android users!! :-D {i'm def still getting an iphone in june though!}

i actually have no idea how it works... such as, how do you follow people???? from what i understand, you have to use a third party website to share your photos? is that accurate? i've posted a few of my photos on twitter already and i'm pretty sure i'll be posting a ton more now.. ;) yay for cool photo apps!

anywho, i'm thelynnied on there, so be my friend.. and then tell me how you did it so i can be your friend back! if it matters, i signed up for this instagram feed on gramfeed.. is that how you have to follow me? {yes i'm dumb. not ashamed.}

a few instagram snaps from our easter festivities today..
clockwise from left:
1) started off easter mornin' in urgent care. my poor little joshie poo has been sick for a few days now. flu test came back negative but the doc was still convinced it was the flu... i'm no M.D. but i'm pretty sure it's not the flu. more on that later. the most important thing is that after 1 dose of meds, josh is feeling a million times better!! thank goodness!
3) my dinner on the left (a berry fruit smoothie) and josh's on the right (a big ole honkin' piece of carrot cake! yes i said honkin')... and he still has better abs than me!!!! ugh :-/
4) two pooped boston terriers after an afternoon of easter egg hunting in the back yard. seriously, the bostons were all over those eggs!!

all in all, we had a good easter despite the doctor visit and possible flu. perfect weather, lunch with family, egg hunting, and B getting almost back to his normal self even if he did sleep through half of the day :)

happy easter, friends!!! full easter re-cap coming soon :)

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