Momma bird has laid 2 more eggs... for a total of FOUR!!!... so now we're just waiting for them to hatch!

We had the windows open all day on Easter, plus I showed the nest to the kiddos (who tried to touch it through the screen), AND we had an egg hunt (plastic, not bird) in the backyard... all of this scared the momma off for most of the day. There for awhile I was afraid she wasn't coming back. Luckily she did and I was able to sleep that night ;)

I will keep you all posted on any impending bird births. You're welcome.

So anyway. Easter goodness.

After our Urgent Care visit, we still had the whole fam damily over for Easter lunch, egg hunting, and face cleanings compliments of Lola. Mostly for the children. I didn't get any pictures, but Lola LOVES her some munchkins!

The first order of business was the egg hunt, of course!! And the weather this year was PERFECT. We could not have asked for anything better!
egg hunters
3 little egg hunters getting ready for GO TIME!

Grampy kept watch from upstairs... and gave helpful hints to his grandbabies (although apparently not good enough ones because yesterday while mowing Josh found an egg with $1 in it! Score! He got paid to mow the yard... that never happens!)

Meanwhile, back inside my poor little sicky rested.


And the kiddos came in to take inventory of the loot.

Dude, they get dollar bills now! Back in my day, we only got pennies and jelly beans! (said in my best old lady voice)

Then it was time for noms and stuff. We had the usual Easter grub... ham, green beans, potato salad, deviled eggs, broccoli casserole, and carrot cake! Only thing missing was baked mac & cheese. I was in charge of that, but our morning at the doctor's office kind of foiled that plan. Oopsies!

The Avery OH FACE!

doggy love
Angry Bird beanbag toss game... what would a family function around here be without those dang Angry Birds!?!?

Our little family + a Gage & Morgan! I love having nieces and nephews a nephew! I'm glad Josh's family let's me borrow their's since my brothers haven't given me any yet (*hint hint, Eric & Adam!!!*)

So that was our Easter! Post brought to you by Procrastinating on Studying for Tomorrow's Physics Exam. Clearly this was more important, don't you think?

Hope the bunny was good you guys, too!!!!