instagram snapshots of (last) week

((a few days late... oopsies!))

  books  i'll be SO glad when school is over // so i can read more penguin books instead of physics!!! (ps i LOVE that penguin book!)

random sorting laundry and all they wanna do is play // apparently parking at the end of the driveway is what all the cool kids (AKA josh) are doing these days ;) 

babies so one of my baby bird eggs disappeared!! there used to be 4..seriously what happened to it?! // baby snuggles!!! 

bike even though my shirt says "run" i've been doing more biking lately.. and helmet hair is a good look, as evidenced // my little furry friends waiting for me after my ride!

paleo paleo soup brewing in the crockpot! // steak, sauteed veggies & a sweet potato.. eating paleo ain't so bad!!!

baseball baseball friday night we finally made it to our first bats game of the year!! it was WINDY and colder than i expected, but we still had fun... and of course ate cookies from the kizito cookie lady (really, that's the only reason we go to the games!)

lazy weekend i was originally planning on having a cookout this weekend with my family, but eric ended up having to work.. i was a little bummed we had to cancel but it kinda worked out since this weekend was pretty dreary anyway. so we spent a lot of time snuggled in bed with the bostons watching movies & going on neighborhood walks.

shoot still so much devastation from the tornado // horse! i found it fitting that we had just watched "war horse" the night before.. this horse had a white spot on its head just like joey in the movie!

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