instagram snapshots of the week.

morningwhat morning looks like in my bed // after 2 hours at the gym on saturday, B requested dunkin donuts on my way home. since he was still sick i obliged

daynew ray-bans!! // starbucks to get me through the day

walkdon't be fooled, i have not been running // just taking walks with my fur-babies :)

paleotrying the paleo thing out again... a fruit smoothie for breakfast! // not entirely paleo, but definitely the closest thing on the taco bell menu

dogskosmo intently focusing on a ball getting ready to be thrown by papa // a lola peeking out from under the bed

homelola bear trying to make sick papa feel better (licks to the head work wonders) // chicken & bell peppers = delicious & healthy! win!

daya hat & sunglasses kinda day // fresh flowers from trader joes are the best part of grocery shopping!

instagrampoor still sick little B :( // 1st day at my "new job"!

instagramcute new wedges, but a super rainy day! not the best choice in footwear // my beautiful momma! LOVE her!!!

not a lot going on this week. or i guess i should say last week. josh was still a little under the weather for most of the week, so we kept a pretty low profile. we had plans of going to a bats game (opening night!) on friday, had tickets and everything, but he just didn't feel up to it. oh well, there will be plenty more games!! i'm happy to report that we think he is FINALLY on the up swing! here's hoping!!

happy monday!!

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