We got photo bombed!

So Josh and I are still working on the photos for that benefit calendar for the tornado victims of a neighboring town. We had a couple shoots this weekend and one of them was in a family's backyard.

Y'all, I thought our neighborhood was cool -- we have geese that walk the streets like they own the place, baby turtles scattered all around in the spring (I'm guessing they'll be hatching any day now!), baby bunnies that hop through our yard, and birds that make nests in our windows. It's like a nature wonderland!

But this family?


Yeah, we definitely don't have those at home! The kids we were shooting with liked to feed the horses, so they let me feed them too. Those horses sure don't miss around with their apple slices! Kinda reminded me of Kosmo and Lola -- those little apple vultures!

IMG_0154 IMG_0116 IMG_0115
Contrary to what the pictures may suggest, I wasn't scared of them! They just kept spitting on me and trying to eat me!! (I love horses, remember?!)

And they kept walking through the background of our shot! haha! Kinda like saying We aren't gonna move out of your frame until we get more apple slices! Suckers!

Luckily, Josh worked his magic and got a great family photo!!

It was so nice to meet this family and hear their amazing story (and they were troopers through the shoot too! It was chilly and WINDY!! I'm actually wearing one of Josh's hoodies ON TOP of my hoodie in these photos!!) Their home got picked up by the tornado and thrown back on the ground and shattered into pieces -- with them all inside. They all sustained injuries, but are obviously doing great now and are moving forward with their lives! Thank God they all made it out okay... material things can always be replaced!

We should be wrapping up the last few calendar shoots in the next week or two! The calendars will be for 2013, they are $10 and 100% of the proceeds go to families like this who lost everything they own and are trying to re-build their lives! If you're interested in pre-ordering a calendar check out the Facebook page for all the info! Even if you're not from around here, everyone needs a 2013 calendar, right?! It's for a great cause!!! Plus I know the photographer, and he takes AWESOME photos!!! ;)

Happy Monday, friends!