Finally on the apple bandwagon!

4c262d0097bd11e19dc71231380fe523_7first picture taken with the new iPhone... Lola looks scared :) 

Well, it's been 23 months since we upgraded our phones.... at that time I was forced to get an Android (well I didn't necessarily have to get a Droid persay, just a non-iPhone phone) for two reasons:
1) - we have Sprint and they didn't carry iPhones back then and our plan is way too good to switch carries because we're grandfathered in to some 2004 plan or something and 2) - my software engineering boyfriend wanted to be able to write apps for our phones if he felt like it and he can't make apps for Apple.

For the record, he's created a grand total of 0 apps for either of our phones ;)

But I liked the Droid. For awhile. Until it went spastic. For a good few months now I've been counting down until our 2 year agreement was up so I could get an iPhone, which is now carried by Sprint!!! (insert choir of angels singing)

As fate would have it, today yesterday when I started this post my EVO decided to take a suicide dive off the table and land face-first on the hardwood floors, thus shattering the screen. Luckily it still worked, touch screen and all, so I knew I could make it for the next month (until my 2 year agreement was up) with the cracked screen.... even if it was annoying.

But what do you know -- as I was browsing online looking at phones, I discovered that I was indeed already eligible for an upgrade!!! Apparently the "2 year agreements" are only 20 months.... so off we went to the Sprint store and I am now the proud owner of an iPhone!!!! I love it so far! :D

Now for the Instagram Snapshots of the week.... I don't have many pictures to show for this past week even though we've been super busy. Seriously, both Saturday and Sunday were go-go-go days... I don't think I was home for more than 20 minutes at a time except to sleep. We had several photo shoots last week, Cyndi Lauper was in town (as were several other celeb for the Derby, but I actually ran into her), and Saturday was the Kentucky Derby!!!!! We didn't go this year but we did go out to dinner to watch the race with friends. Then my best friend came in town and stayed the night! Sunday I went bridesmaid dress shopping with Josh's sister for her wedding & then had girls night out with a couple friends!!
But no pictures. From any of it. Oh well, sometimes it's good to just enjoy life instead of worrying about documenting everything, ya know? But here's a few other snaps from the week (mostly of those Bostons, of course... I'll try to do better this week! haha):

dogs My creation My creation
I really do love Kosmo too, he's just a lot more chill than Lola. She is always doing crazy things to where we're always like "Grab the camera!! Did you see what Lola just did?!"

Happy Monday!!!

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