I am never taking a bath again.

So Josh and I have this little game with each other (I think it's more fun for him than me ;)) where we hide this spider for each other to find:

And by hide it, I mean he has put it on my loofa in the shower, in the fridge, on my end table... etc.. anywhere that I'm not expecting it in order to freak me out!!! I've hid it in his sock drawer, his lunch, even his underpants, and it never seems to phase him. ugh.

Anyway, we haven't been hiding it much lately. So the other night while I was getting ready to take a shower, Josh comes in the bathroom and is all HAHAHA good one. The spider in the tub! and I was like HUH? I looked in the tub and saw this:

Josh thought I had put the plastic spider in the tub... and then I thought he was playing a trick on me and he had put the plastic spider there and was just playing dumb... and then we both realized it wasn't fake. 


It actually gives me the heebie jeebies just looking at these pictures!!!! (my apologies if you have arachnophobia)

Josh ran to get the camera and when he got back the spider ran down the drain. *shudder* All I could think about was that nasty thing crawling back up and out of the tub and through the house or worse, in bed with me! AHHHHHH!!

It came back yesterday (I couldn't believe it!) Just chillin' there in our tub. Who does that spider think he is??! Luckily, my knight in shining armor killed it. Phew! B is my hero!!!!!

Even so, I don't see myself taking a nice, relaxing bath any time soon. Thanks for ruining that, Mr. Spider.

Does anyone know what kind of spider that is?!?!

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