Ridin' dirty..

AKA Muddy Fanatic!!

I've been wanting to do a "muddy race" for awhile now, but for whatever reason I hadn't signed up for one. Probably because of my dang injuries. Then I heard the Muddy Fanatic was coming to town!   BUT even though it looked like fun, I wasn't really willing to pay $60 for a 5k when I'm injured (actually, $60 is a lot for a 5k even when I'm not injured) -- but then a Groupon deal came out for half off, and $30 for a 5k is pretty reasonable anyway... so injured or not, I was in!

I joined up with our neighbors, Brian and Nikki, on their team The Muddy Duddies. We were supposed to have a few more people but apparently they weren't as brave as us and backed out!!!
I watched the video on the website but still didn't really know what to expect. I've never done a trail race with (or without) obstacles before. The video made it look challenging, but I was ready for the adventure! Even though I hadn't run in probably 6 weeks before the race, I figured it was a totally different kind of 5k... it wasn't a race where you go for time (unless you're super hardcore fast), so my plan was to just walk most of it anyway and have fun!

This is what we were greeted with immediately upon arrival:

Barbed wire over a mud pit -- yikes!! What had I gotten myself into?!

We waited around for awhile before the start. Here's our nice, clean before picture. 

Finally, we were off! And immediately muddy! As soon as we crossed the start line we were blasted with a fire hose and running through little muddy swamps and sand pits!

The whole thing was awesome, until we had to wait in line for...EVER for an obstacle. Forever is my estimate because no one had a watch on them so I have no idea how long it actually was. Long enough to be ridiculous but realistically probably 30-45 minutes.  We ended up skipping that obstacle because it was taking way too long. That's my biggest complaint about the race.. too much bottle-necking at several obstacles, but since it was the first year hopefully they can figure it out and fix it for next year!

About half way through we see none other than JOSH AND MY MOM! Totally wasn't expecting to see them on the course... especially since most of it was through the woods and stuff! So Nikki and I stopped for a photo op, of course!

IMG_5214Glamour shot!

Not only was Josh there to cheer us on, he actually helped people get out of impossible mud holes!!!

It would have been impossible to do this race alone. That's one thing I loved about it -- everyone was willing to help everyone else out.... strangers and friends alike. And my perfectly clean boyfriend got muddier than necessary to help not only me but other people as well. :) Thanks, B! You are awesome and I love you!!!

Finally we were almost done!!!!

We just had to go through the barn, down the slip and slide, over the hay bales, and then we were at the last obstacle... that wonderful barbed wire over the mud pit!!

And that was it! FINALLY -- WE DID IT!!!

We are definitely muddy fanatics!!!!

I don't think I have ever been so dirty in my life!

My review? Overall, it was fun! For the most part I had a blast! I'd definitely do it again as long as they could find a way to prevent bottle-necking at the obstacles. With groups starting every 30 minutes, it seems like it shouldn't have been such a big problem but waiting an hour to do an obstacle during a race is ridiculous and kind of took the fun out of it! The whole race took us almost 3 hours -- for a 5k!!! It should have only taken us maybe an hour.
My other complaint is that there was absolutely no one working on the course. This is how Josh and my mom were able to get on it... no one told them they couldn't! But a lot of the obstacles were really dangerous! A girl even fell off one of the walls and broke her arm and leg so it would have been very helpful to have race officials along the course in case people got hurt... and also to tell us how much further we had to go. The course wasn't marked at all and knowing how far along we were would have been nice. I had no concept of time or distance during the race which was weird!

Oh, and? My boyfriend and camera are muddy fanatics, too! 

I'm a little bruised up today but it was totally worth it!
AND - No IT pain! Granted, we didn't do a whole lot of running, but hey, 3.1 miles with no pain is 3.1 miles with no pain and I'll take it!!

I don't think I'll be partaking in the Tough Mudder anytime soon though!