Father's Day (weekend)

Every night for the past several weeks Josh and I have been coming up with something that we are grateful for from that day before we go to sleep. I think sometimes it's easy to take things for granted and this helps us (me) not to do that quite so much. And on the same note, I think it also helps at the end of a bad day to see that there are still positive things to be thankful for.

On Saturday my thankful thing was easy.
My family was all together and it wasn't a holiday, birthday, wedding, or funeral! We had a cookout... just because! (well, we kinda said it was to celebrate mine and Eric's birthdays -- his is July 1st and mine's the 9th -- but that was more so we could justify an ice cream cake, not really the reason for the cookout) Specifically, it was my Dad's side of the family which was fitting for Father's Day weekend :)

There's a lot of things I hate about the dynamics of blended families.... like the fact that my brothers (who are half brothers, for those that don't know.. we have the same dad) grew up over an hour away from me which made regular visits difficult while we were growing up. We didn't have the every other weekend thing going on and pretty much only saw each other on holidays and other rare visits. I always knew I had brothers though, and I always knew they loved me. And I guess at the time I just figured it was normal. It was normal to me that my whole family lived an hour away and we only saw them on holidays.

But now I've realized that while that may have been normal, it wasn't necessarily best. So now I'm old enough to say, "Hey family! Come to my house and we'll all eat, drink, and be merry!" - so I do! And they did! And I think it should happen way more often than once a year... after all, contrary to what I thought when I was 5 years old, an hour really isn't that long of a drive! ;)

Lola LOVED Aunt Kathy!!! Like so much that I thought she was going to sneak home with her!

Isn't my future SIL (less than 2 weeks!!!) so pretty?!

Josh isn't so sure about all of us! haha

IMG_5440-Edit cake
You know, sometimes family dynamics aren't ideal. Sometimes circumstances keep things from being ideal. Not enough time, life gets too busy, too much distance, gas is too expensive, etc.. Sometimes situations aren't perfect and sometimes people aren't perfect. But sometimes you just gotta put in a little effort to make things a little more ideal. And if there's anything I've learned in life, it's that life is worth celebrating and not to be taken for granted. It's too short to have regrets and not spend time with the people you love. These people mean the world to me and I'm thankful that they took the time to make the [looooong 1-2 hour] drive down here to spend the afternoon with us!

I am blessed!!

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy! This was the 12th one we've celebrated without him. Miss him so much but so grateful for the time that he was here and that he was my Daddy. I love you, Dad!