Tonight I'm doing Fran.

I have started doing CrossFit. [again?]

As in, I've gone twice -- once to an "intro" class and then did "Elements" 1 & 2. Elements is where they teach you the right way to do the different exercises. I finally learned the correct way to do a squat. Who would've thought I've been doing it wrong all this time!?

Y'all, CrossFit is intense. The WOD (workout of the day) we did at the intro class was 12 minutes long. 12 minutes! And I sweated more than I do when I go to the gym for 2 hours. And I am more sore from the Elements - where we didn't use any weight!!! it was basically just like practicing squats, lifts, etc - than I am when I do an hour long weight training class. This is crazy! What am I going to feel like when we actually start doing real WOD's??? I've been consistently going to the gym for over 3 years now and while doing CrossFit I feel more out of shape than ever!

Tonight is the 3rd and final Elements class... and apparently we have to do "Fran." I don't know what Fran consists of (I've been too scared to look it up) but apparently it's one of the hardest WOD's. And I'm still SORE from Sunday. So, this should be fun.

I am pretty excited about this CrossFit adventure though! Since I can't run right now (by that I mean I can't train for anything significant) I feel like my workouts lately haven't had much purpose. I've been doing spin, weight training, and occasional short runs or the Shred just to keep par. I'm glad to have something else to focus on now. I'm also excited about gaining actual strength! I have absolutely no arm strength, so I can't wait to start working on that! Pull ups, I am coming for you!!!

The picture above is of my new shoes!!! I found some Innov-8's (which are apparently really good for CrossFit) on sale! I figured new shoes kinda makes it official right?! Plus these are way more bad-@$$ looking than my hot pink running shoes -- which totally stick out like a sore thumb at CrossFit. ;)