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after careful observation of these photos, i have come to three conclusions about the past week:
1) we ate too many cookies
2) those boston terriers are adorable (duhs)
3) our porch is cute + now functional... win!

cases in point - 1
we ordered these cookies from some neighborhood kids for their school fundraiser. they came in the form of two huge tubs of pre-portioned cookie dough balls. literally, all you have to do is stick them in the oven for 16 minutes and then you have super soft delicious cookies. they make it WAY TOO EASY for my love handles to grow. not cool. but proceeds from those pink ones go to breast cancer research. so it's for a good cause?

"this is the tastiest thing i've ever done to support breast cancer research." -- josh

2 -
clockwise from left:
• lola's new favorite accessory. that's her angry birds toy. she wears it as a scarf now.
• sunbathing beauty on the back deck. girl needs her vitamin D.
• kosmo says, "wake up, grammy! let's play!!!"
• lazy dog.

and finally, 3 -- our pretty new porch furniture!!
when we helped my mom move a couple weeks ago, she had this set of patio furniture but said she had no place to really put it. so i said, i wonder who has an empty front porch where it would look perfect?!?!?! while pointing to myself.
not really. but kinda.
anyway, it all worked out.. mom had extra stuff, we had the perfect place for it, and i think it looks great!!!! plus it used to be my grandma's, so that's kinda cool.
i see a lot of dinners out there this summer in our future.
i also finally got around to planting some flowers... and if you look closely, you can see two boston terriers admiring them ;)

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