little things....

...that i am thankful for right now. 
• summer!!! (I know it's technically not summer yet but it sure feels like it and summer makes me happy!!)

 • that we live in a neighborhood with awesome neighbors!!! Our neighbors are currently planning a neighborhood kickball game & cookout. How cool, right?! I just know so many people who don't even know their next door neighbors' names, and we're fortunate to know pretty much everyone on our little street -- and they're all great people and friends! Bonus!

• that my grandma came to town  for a couple days and we got to spend a little time together.
She's pretty awesome. And totally not grandmotherly. Seriously, she was making jokes about pole dancing and going to the porn store (there's a "Theater X" on the way to our house. It's classy.) She has a hilarious sense of humor that I clearly did not inherit. She should start a blog, it would be awesome. She did just get on Facebook so maybe I can convince her!! ha! Love her.

She also brought Bubby and he wanted a picture with me and the Bostons. So this happened:

 Best picture ever. Thanks, Mom.

• Bear hugs. Y'all know we call Lola "Bear," right? AND that I'm obsessed with hugs?!

So perfect.

Happy Wednesday! :D
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