Oh Fran

So the plus side of having friends who own a CrossFit gym + having a photographer boyfriend = that you get pictures of your "graduation" WOD. The down side? That you get pictures of your graduation WOD.

Last night we had to do the 3rd and final Elements class and the benchmark WOD "Fran." Josh decided to tag along and of course brought his camera!!

The camera proved just as I suspected: I make really awesome faces while working out.

I should mention that I have been doing CrossFit with our neighbor Brian (you may remember him from here.) So when I say "we" that's who I'm talking about. I'd been wanting to sign up for CrossFit since they opened in April, but the times they offer classes didn't (don't) really work with my schedule. They're either in the morning before the sun is up (and Lynn doesn't get up before the sun), at lunch time, or at 5:30pm. And my schedule is so sporadic that I'm almost never home by 5:30. So I just haven't gone. Then Brian signed up and I was all like nooooo! you can't CrossFit without me!!!!!!!! so I went to the free intro class with him last Thursday (which happened to be at 6:30pm which would be a PERFECT time for classes if you ask me.) That's when Renee (girlfriend of CF gym owner) told me that if I couldn't make it to the 5:30 classes she'd just do the WOD's with me whenever I could get there. ISN'T THAT AWESOME?!

Because Renee is super awesome. Seriously, she is currently training for IRONMAN (!!!!), runs, swims, bikes, does CrossFit like 8 days a week, teaches kickboxing at the Y, and somehow also has a full time job.

And yet she offered to do the WODs with me! Renee, you just made my CrossFit dreams come true!

So back to Fran.

Fran: 3 rounds (21-15-9 reps) of thrusters and pull ups for time.

It really doesn't sound like much, right? 

I mean, it took me 5 minutes and 50 seconds.
crossfit1 brian collage IMG_0027-Edit
Yeah, I didn't think it sounded too bad either... but when you're constantly moving at such a high intensity with no breaks..... you feel like you're going to die.

So that was fun. Five minutes and fifty seconds of pure evil fun.

I was pretty proud of myself though. I did ALL 3 rounds of thrusters with the 35lb bar (which is what Brian used too, so that's good for me right?!) And we did box pull-ups but don't be fooled, those still suck. My current main goal in life is to be able to do a real pull up. Just one.

....one day.

We are going to do the exact same workout in a month to see how much we improve.

In related news, my shoes came today!! So I broke them in by wearing them around the house. They went great with my dress ;)

They are Innov-8 f-lite 230's for those that asked and they're on sale right now on Zappos!

So that's my CrossFit news thus far. I have graduated Elements and am now permitted to attend REAL classes! Let the fun begin!

Happy Summer Solstice!!! (& hump day!)