Un-Extreme Home Makeover

As I've mentioned before, we recently re-decorated the living room. It's not totally finished.. I still have a few picture frames and knick-knacks to get and a side table to put together... and actually, I've already added/changed a few things since these photos were taken.. but it's good enough that I think I can share!!! I have to say, I am pretty proud of it!! I think it makes our home a little more warm and cozy :) and COLORFUL :)) However, I am not a decorator... I just picked things I liked and hoped it all worked okay together (and really I have no idea if it does, but it makes me happy)

Today also starts the "tour of homes" (do you ever go to those in real life? My mom and I LOVE them! It's one of our favorite summer activities!!) over at Kelly's Korner. And what do you know -- today is all about living rooms! So I thought it was the perfect time to share our "new" living room!


There's a reason I'm not a home design blogger -- I failed to take any good "before" pictures! It just totally slipped my mind! Plus, the transition was sort of gradual. But here are a few shots where you can kind of see what it used to look like:

Not that we normally had Christmas decorations up... but you can kind of see the u-shaped sectional couch, green sheers on the windows, and picture frames on the shelves on the wall.

These colorful throw pillows were my first purchase (over a year ago) in an attempt to add some color to the room. At that point I had no decorating plans, I just wanted to de-beigify a little bit. Turns out, they ended up being perfect for the new stuff!

With the big open wall I knew we needed some sort of big visual element -- but what? I had no idea. My first thought was to create a big wall gallery with frames and the shelves (I found several inspiration pictures from Pottery Barn) but I couldn't make it work.

My 2nd idea was to put a pretty entertainment center on that wall. However, that was going to be way more work than it was worth... either Josh was going to build the whole thing himself, or even if we bought one it would have been too much work to move the TV. All the wires and stuff go down the wall, through the floor and into the basement and re-wiring all that would have been crazy. So I decided the TV should just stay where it is. He's pretty happy up there anyway.

My goal was to have more open seating. I didn't like the way the sectional kind of closed off the whole living room area. It seemed un-welcoming and made it feel small. I also wanted some color!! When I first met Josh the whole house seemed super beige -- beige walls and a big beige couch with random pops of BROWN. We needed some COLOR! :D


At first my plan was to take down the shelves and hang the canvas prints directly on the wall, but the more I look at it, I kinda like the prints on the shelves. It adds a little 3D element and makes it super easy to change out the art if I find something else I like better. Plus this way Josh doesn't have to take them down and fix the holes in the wall. :) I had a brilliant plan for them in my office but maybe if I buy him enough cheeseburgers, B will just make me some more ;)

I've already changed out that little greenery arrangement... and I'll be adding some picture frames to the sofa table sometime soon!

My starting point was sort of the curtains. I have wanted them for probably 2 years now!!! Josh even told me he liked them, un-prompted. As in, I didn't even say Hey B, you like the new curtains RIIIIGHT?! no, I didn't even ask him at all and he just randomly said one night, I really like the new curtains. It was like music to my ears ;)

I hung these lanterns up for our Mother's Day cookout, but confession time: they're still up. I may just leave them there all summer :)
(the Lola is not new)

Since our kitchen, eat-in dining area, and living room are all kind of one huge room, I knew they all had to coordinate somewhat.

I had these three framed prints from back when I had my apartment in Tennessee. Turns out they matched perfectly and fit perfectly atop the back door!!

I get fresh flowers from Trader Joe's every week and they're always on the table! Love them!!

So that's pretty much it!! I love that the living area is now more open when you walk in from the foyer. I love the color. And I love the coziness.

Thanks for stopping by our home!

Happy Friday!!!

P.S. I guess this means #18 is done!